Soc: Chapter 4 Test

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  1. Seventeenth and Eighteenth century Europeans discovered that infants needed more than food and shelter to survive what type of institutions?
  2. "Man is the only one who knows nothing, can learn nothing, without being taught. He can neither speak, nor walk, nor eat, and in short he can do nothing at the prompting of nature only but weep"
    Pliny the Elder
  3. Harlow's studies on the socialization process were conducted on _____ the next best study group to human beings
  4. In approximately what decade was Harlow conducting his studies indicating a far different ethical code on the issue of cruelty toward animals than would be accepted today?
  5. Isabella, a severely depressed and poorly socialized child socialized in a similar manner to Anna managed to survive while Anna did not. Conjecture tells us Isabella survived due to her...
    A mother's love
  6. ______ is the process of learning to participate in a group
  7. Which of the following statements was not found as a result of the Harlow Studies?
    Monkeys enjoyed healthy sex lives
  8. _____ is an image of yourself as having an identity separate from other people
  9. ______ is an image of yourself based on what you believe others think of you
    Looking-Glass Self
  10. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" Though she wasn't speaking about LGS at the time of her remarks they were certainly prophetic where LGS is concerned. Who was the woman who made these prophetic remakrs?
    Eleanor Roosevelt
  11. A five year old boy dressed in a holiday suit is illustrating his significant other is more than likely his....
  12. *Sam Costa spending the four day teacher's convention at a friend's university and acting like one of the guys is an example of...
    Anticipatory Socialization
  13. A boy having both sides of a pretend discussion with the girl he's going to ask to the prom is an example of...
    Role Taking
  14. This sociologist is considered to be the father of self-concept
    Charles Horton Cooley
  15. *You going home depressed after your girlfriend/boyfriend embarrassed you in front of all your peers indicates the importance of...
  16. Stuffing your face with a friends butter finger is an indication of _____ at work
  17. Learning how to date, talk, get with or do whatever it is you do when it comes to establishing romantic relationships in this era is an example of...
    Hidden Curriculum
  18. Communication designed to reach the general population is globally known as...
    Mass Media
  19. A child playing tee ball and playing first base in tee ball, drops his glove and runs to second at the crack of the bat is an example of what stage development where socialization is concerned?
    Game Stage
  20. My becoming the second Dr. Chang assuming not only his career but his entire identity as well is an extreme example of...
    Imitation Stage
  21. A toddler pushing his toy mower through the lawn behind his father is an example of...
    Imitation Stage
  22. Performing your civic duty and voting in your first presidential election is an example of...
    Hidden Curriculum
  23. Which of the following is not an example of a total institution?
    Public School
  24. Which of the following organizations would be least interested in the business of re and de socialization?
    The Seminary
  25. Buying cemetery plots for yourself and your spouse is clearly an indication of
    Anticipatory Socialization
  26. People of roughly the same age and have the same interests are known as
    Peer Group
  27. Using the behavior of friends to justify your own behavior is an example of using your _____ to justify your actions
    Reference Group
  28. How many phases are involved in the process of Looking Glass Self?
    How have you adopted the cares, concerns, attitudes, and behaviors of college and or the career choices you are embarking upon in the next 9 months or so?
    • Anticipatory Socialization:
    • Preparing to go to the next stage in life.

    • Role Taking¬†
    • Assuming what it will be like talking to your new professors

    • Reference Group:
    • Class of 2015¬†
    • All prepared for what lies ahead in college
    • Their behavior influences me
    How did Charles Manson Desocialize and then Resocialize his family?
    • Desocialized:
    • Drugs
    • Destruction of old self-concept
    • Took away their personal identity

    • Resocialized:
    • Gives new self-concept
    • Gives rewards for taking on the new identity
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