English: Chinese Literature

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  1. What School of Thought was the most influential?
  2. Taoism
    • Equal with nature
    • Let everything fall into place
    • Non-Materialistic
    • Be passive
    • Life a simple life
    • Clear your mind
  3. Confucianism
    • Discipline
    • Respect for authority
    • Cannot abuse power
    • Create a legacy for yourself
  4. Buddhism
    • Reincarnation
    • You get a second chance at life
    • Life on earth is full of suffering
    • Suffering can be overcome by meditation
    • Passive
    • Don't worry about the future
  5. Lao Tzu Legend
    He was upset with how evil the men were so he tried to leave civilization behind. When he arrived at the final gate, the gatekeeper asked him to record the principles of his philosophy
  6. Chinese Government Pyramid List in order of Hierarchy
    • Emperor
    • National Officials
    • Regional Officials
    • Local Officials
  7. Chinese Social Pyramid List in order of Hierarchy 
    • Ren
    • Emperor
    • Government Officials
    • Father
    • Mother
    • Oldest Sibling
    • Youngest Sibling
  8. Han Dynasty
    • Lasted over 400 years
    • Strengthened central government
    • Improved educational system
    • Buddhism born as a result
  9. Ch'in Dynasty
    • Lasted for over 15 years
    • Had a standardized system of writing
    • Strengthened the central government
    • Were against violence, but actually created more of it
  10. Tang Dynasty
    • Lasted for over 300 years
    • Arts flourished
    • Stabilized government
    • Chinese influence spread to Europe
  11. List of literature genre's in order
    • Poetry
    • Philosophy
    • Fiction
    • Drama
  12. What are the Schools of Thought that are associated with:
    • Substance: Buddhism
    • Shadow: Confucianism
    • Spirit: Taoism
  13. 4 Specific teachings of Lao Tzu sets forth in Tao Te Ching
    • Rid yourself of desires
    • Follow the Tao, the way, the path
    • Do not value possessions to prevent crime
    • Be simplistic - do not strive for more than what you have
  14. Important aspects of the life of Confucius
    • Believed in equality and not a social class
    • Thought you should be learning all your life
    • Wanted to educate the common people
    • Leaves the state of Lu out of disgrace because of how horrible the men act
    • He dies feeling like a failure
  15. Discuss the social system and code of conduct outlined by Confucius in The Analects
    • The family is ruled by the father
    • The state is ruled by an authoritative king or emperor
    • All is government by the Ren which is a type of loving benevolence towards others
    • Everything is based on moral conduct
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