Support Divisions

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  1. Alarm Room

    Alarm room call volume are in addition to other types of calls that come into the alarm room on a daily basis. These include calls from?
    311, AAS, Alarm room companies, field personnel etc....
  2. Alarm Room

    beyond the call numbers, the alarm room takes 3-4 times more phone calls than what is actually dispatched T/F
  3. Minimum staffing in the alarm room is?
  4. Alarm Room

    Recertification requirements:
    24 hrs of Ce's every 2 years
  5. How many LT's in the alarm room
  6. What is the maximum number of units that may be out of service throughout the city at any one time?
  7. An MCI is greater than?
    5 patients
  8. 1st Alarm Medical is?
    • 2R
    • 2E
    • 1BC
    • S2
    • 78
    • 2-55's
    • AAS Sup
    • ask for EMS1 channel
  9. 2nd Alarm Medical
    • 3R
    • 3E
    • 2BC's
    • S2
    • 78
    • 7-55's
    • EMS commander
    • MD1
    • CV-1MCI trailer
    • Rehab Unit and
  10. How to Flag and Address for future reference?
    • Sharepoint
    • Alarm Tab
    • Premise info/hazards
    • New
    • Fill out info
    • for hazards also notify the QI officer
  11. Narcotics must be inventoried how often?
  12. Narcotics are replaced by the QA Officer ONLY when:
    • The incident Report is completed
    • The Proof of Use Form is completed
  13. EMS gloves are ordered when?
    1st and 3rd Sunday of each Month by midnight
  14. EMS Supplies Disposables are ordered when?
    • On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each Month by midnight
    • delivered usually by Thursday
  15. 2-types of FMO citations are?
    • Criminal
    • Parking
  16. Golden Rules of Enforcement
    • Rule #1 Argue at the right time and place
    • Rule #2 Don't talk badly about the policy in front of the troops
    • Rule #3 You don't have to like it, you just have to enforce it
    • Rule #4 Know the process and policy
    • Rule #5 Don't pick and choose policies you want
    • Rule #6 Don't just "go along to get along"
  17. Coaching and Counseling (Informal)
    • Letter of Instruction
    • Letter of Cautionary Advisement
    • Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)
  18. Progressive Discipline (Formal)
    • Reprimand (verbal or written)
    • Suspension AFD-HRDC
    • Demotion AFD-HRDC
    • Termination AFD-HRDC
  19. in 1975 the US supreme court upheld a decision that employees have a right to union representation at investigatory interviews. What rights are they?
    Weingarten Rights
  20. Disciplined is usually fixed when
    when given a Verbal reprimand
  21. MDT operations

    If there is no dispatch, the officer should?
    • Press Message tab and check the top of the message list for a dispatch notification.
    • Call the alarm room to verify
  22. Clearing a call:

    First put ourselves on a Status on the MDT such as?
    AOR or AIQ
  23. My History only goes back til what time?
  24. Radio Operations

    This channel is designated for mutual aid response?
    Tac 9
  25. Smoke is fuel - Particulates
    • 70% of smoke is particulate
    • Soot (black)
    • Ash (white)
    • Fibers, dust, pulp
  26. Smoke is Fuel - Aerosols
    • Water
    • Hydrocarbons (black oil droplets)
    • Some oils have self-ignition temps as low as 460
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