Chem 1C Vapor Pressure

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  1. Heat of vaporization
    Energy required to vaporize 1 mole liquid at a pressure of 1 atm
  2. At equilibrium, rate of vaporization=
    rate of condensation
  3. Vapor Pressure
    Partial pressure of evaporated material
  4. In an open container, vapor pressure=
    external pressure
  5. Normal boiling point
    1 atm, 760 torr
  6. Vapor pressure and boiling point
    substance with higher vapor pressure has lower boiling point
  7. Melting point
    temperature at which liquid and solid states exist in equilibrium
  8. At melting point, vapor pressure of solid=
    vapor pressure of liquid
  9. Phase transitions occur at
    constant temperature
  10. Supercooling
    Cooling a liquid below its freezing point so that molecules don't lock into solid structure
  11. Superheating
    Heating a liquid above its boiling point so that higher energy molecules can't aggregate
  12. Sublimination
    solid to gas
  13. Pressure and boiling point
    Higher pressure=higher boiling point
  14. Pressure and melting point
    Higher pressure=higher melting point, except H2O is the opposite
  15. Increasing pressure of water decreases
    volume (ice melting to water)
  16. Triple Point
    • -Solid, liquid, and gas all coexist
    • -Singular point: specific temperature and pressure
  17. Critical point
    • -Temperature and pressure above which vapor can not be liquefied
    • -Supercritical Fluid
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