Chapter 3

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  1. What is metagenomic sequencing?

    What do they reveal?
    Metagenomic sequencing is when the DNA sequences of multiple organisms being analyzed as a single data set.

    • 1. Reveals overall gene number
    • 2. Estimate of the collective metabolic capabilities of the communitites
  2. Six characteristics of human genome.
    • 1. Half the human genome has repeating sequences.
    • 2. 80% transcribed to RNA.
    • 3. 1.2% of genome encodes for protein.
    • 4. 23000 encode for protein
    • 5. Small fraction of genome is unique to vertebrates.
    • 6. Two randomly genomes differ in 1/1000.
  3. What are Open reading frames?
    Open reading frames are protein encoding genes, 23000.
  4. How are vertebrate genomes different that invertebrate genomes?

    What is the significance of modules?
    Simply more complex genomes having more modules or domains.

    The modules are expressed thorough alternate gene splicing leading to multiple ways of protein synthesis.
  5. What are domains?
    Domains are modules in the more complex genome of vertebrates that are expressed through alternate gene splicing and when the genes are processed they lead to different proteins.
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