stone money

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  1. to expend sth on (in) sth/sb/doing sth
    (form) to use time, energy, money etc doing something EX: We've already expended too much energy on this project
  2. to yield sth
    yield results/benefits
    to produce something useful such as  information or evidence EX: Knowing about our past does not automatically yield  solutions to our current problems.

     EX: The search for truth is beginning to yield fruitful results.
  3. quarry ['kwɔrɪ]
    каменоломня, карьер; добывать (камень)
  4. to concede
    concede that
    • to admit that something is true
    • EX: Myers was forced to concede that competition had badly affected profits.
  5. unheeded
    to heed
    • - (form) noticed or heard but then ignored
    • - (form) to pay close attention to sth/sb (often warnings) EX: The danger signs were there, but we didn't heed the warning.
  6. to levy /ˈlɛvɪ/
    levy (levies) (N)
    • - to use official authority to demand and collect a payment (a tax, tariff, fine, etc) - взимать.ю облагать
    • - the act of imposing and collecting a tax, tariff, etc (to put/impose a levy on oil imports)
  7. to impoverish
    to make a person or country very poor EX: The incompetent military leadership had  impoverished a once prosperous country.
  8. to contemplate
    to think about intently and at length; consider calmly (from Latin ‘templum’- ‘place for observation’)
  9. vault
    an arched structure that forms a roof or ceiling - свод (wine V. – винный погреб; bank V. – банковское хранилище)
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