Concepts of Man

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  1. Four Major Attributes of Human Being
    • The capacity to think or conceptualize on the abstract level
    • family formation
    • The tendency to seek and maintain territory
    • the ability to use verbal symbols as language, a means of developing and maintaining culture
  2. Views man as an organism
    Byrne and Thompson
  3. composed of different organ system and each organ is made up of tissue cells and it has its own structure
    Views man as an organism
  4. basic unit or building block of structures of all forms of plant and animal life
  5. approaches by Byrne and Thompson (Views man as an organism)
    • Atomistic approach
    • Holistic approach or total
  6. studies the physical structure and function of the body
    atomistic approach
  7. man is composed of different organs and its own structures
    atomistic approach
  8. studies all aspects of man's behaviour
    Holistic approach or total
  9. views man in all aspect of his behaviour and his relationship with others in his environment
    Holistic approach or total
  10. it provides unnecessary forces to enable man to demonstrate his relationship with his environment
  11. he views man as a biophysical and spiritual being who is in contact with his environment
  12. man as a living organism who from birth is destined to die, until he does, he as to contend continually with forces in his environment; some of them friendly, others hostile
  13. all men believe in the existence of a supreme power who guides our faith and destiny - who is the source of meanings and purpose of life - to whom we seek console in case of difficulties in life
  14. a being with complexities with special abilities to transcend the limit of his animal nature
  15. assist man in power of transcendence
    • intellect
    • will
  16. it deprives the patient of his much needed freedom
  17. it enables man to withstand or overcome hardships, it also enables him to interact with others
  18. Forms of Motivation
    • Natural Motivation
    • Supernatural Motivation
    • Spiritual Virtues
  19. What are the spiritual virtues?
    • Faith
    • Hope
    • Charity
  20. it comes naturally for a man to suffer for those whom he loves and wishes to protect from pain and suffering. It is innate.
    Natural Motivation
  21. transcends pain and suffering to a higher place in hope of non-material rewards
    Supernatural motivation
  22. unquestionable belief, complete trust and relevance one places in person or thing
  23. nourishes faith
  24. Love for fellowmen without expecting something in return
  25. He views man as a system in constant interaction with a changing environment
  26. 2 types of system
    • Closed system
    • Open system
  27. one that is self-sufficient and totally isolated from other system
    closed system
  28. it does not follow outside stimuli in any form to penetrate/ go beyond its boundaries
    closed system
  29. it is composed of sub-systems which acts as a unified whole
    Open system
  30. it is directly affected by events or changes in other systems
    Open system
  31. it views the person as a living behavioural system
    Open system
  32. he views man as a unified whole
  33. parts are independent and interrelated with each other
    views man as a unified whole
  34. Organs and systems function together to achieve a particular purpose
    Views man as a unified whole
  35. a whole which function as a whole by virtue of the interdependence of its parts
  36. is has common or unifying boundaries with interrelated and interdependent parts
  37. it may be composed of subsystems
  38. views that man is composed of parts, which are greater than and different from the sum of all his parts
  39. view that man is composed of subsystems and suprasystems
  40. cells, tissues, organs, organ systems
  41. family, community, society
  42. both affect man as a whole
    Suprasystem and subsystem
  43. founder of nursing
    Florence Nightingale
  44. views man as an individual with vital reparative process to deal with disease and desirous of health but passive in terms of influencing the environment
  45. views man as a whole, complete independent being who has 14 fundamental needs
  46. 14 fundamental needs
    • breath
    • eat and drink
    • eliminate
    • move and maintain posture
    • sleep and rest
    • dress and undress
    • learn
    • maintain body temperature
    • keep clean
    • avoid danger
    • communicate
    • worship
    • work
    • play
  47. views man as a unit that can be seen as functioning biologically, symbolically and socially and who initiates and performs self care activities on own behalf and maintaining life, health and well-being
  48. man is like all other men (men have the same basic needs)
    Biological being
  49. man is like no other man
    psychological being
  50. man is unique, irreplaceable, one time being
    psychological being
  51. characteristics of a psychological being
    • rational but at times irrational
    • mature with a core of immaturity
    • with limited and unlimited nature
    • A being of contradictions
    • a being who is usually at the crossroads of indecisiveness
  52. man is like some other men
    social being
  53. a group of people has common attributes that make them different from other groups
    social being
  54. factors characterizing particular groups
    • Culture (beliefs, practices, norms, taboos, religions, and languages)
    • Age groups
    • Social status
    • Educational status
  55. all men are spiritual in nature because all men have intellect and will
    spiritual being
  56. Virtues
    • Faith
    • Hope
    • Charity
  57. "Man is unique, irreplaceable individual; a one time being in this world"
  58. transplants, plastics or steel parts
  59. when a man dies, he ceases to exist
    one time being
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