Osvaldo Literature

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  1. What is FOLKLORE?
    Traditional stories.

    It includes information about people's customs, songs, dances and beliefs.

    It is different in every culture. it includes fairy tales, legends, and tall tales.
  2. What do FOLKTALES often include?
    animals, people with special powers, animals that act like humans
  3. What is drama?
    A story to be performed to an audience.
  4. What is a key literary element of DRAMA?
    DIALOGUE: the words that characters say
  5. What is the difference between fiction and nonfiction?
    Fiction is not real.

    Nonfiction is real story.
  6. What is nonfiction?
    Writing about real events and real people

    Includes biography, autobiography and essays
  7. What is an essay?
    A short piece of nonfiction about a single topic.
  8. what is myth?
    Stories from ancient cultures that explain how things came about.
  9. What is a legend?
    A traditional story of a country or a region.
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