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  1. Burn time for the MK-79
    4 and half seconds
  2. What is the name of the pub for the M61A1?
  3. What does CC foxtrot stand for and what color would the tag be?
    Unserviceable (Repairable) green tag.
  4. The current in a MK58 ignites what kind of squib?
    MK-13 squib
  5. The BLU-92/B has what type of warhead?
    Fragment type.
  6. What is the name of the chaff countermeasure dispensing set for the ALE-47?
  7. What does the work task code 2 mean?
  8. Work task code 4
  9. How many steel ball bearings are in the entrance cover?
  10. SWL for a AERO 71A
  11. NNOR stands for?
    Non-Nuclear Ordnance Requirements
  12. The BRU-41 weights?
  13. The P-3 has how many bomb bay stations?
  14. On a SUU-79 what are the 3 doors?
  15. The AIM-7 weights how much?
  16. What is the name of the adapter to load a AGM-88 with a LAU-118?
  17. What are the cycles of the M61A1?
    Firing cycle & cleaning cycle
  18. SWL of the HLU-196?
    • Single 1500
    • Double 3000
  19. Work task code 7
  20. The form to operate a motor vehicle with in NAVY shore activities?
    DD FORM 836
  21. The MK-124 colors?
    • Day Orange Smoke
    • Night red flame
  22. How many compatibility groups are there?
  23. The M299 loading sequence.
    • Upper inboard
    • Upper outboard
    • Lower inboard
    • Lower outboard
  24. In the NAVSUP P-805 what appendix has color photos and visual aids?
    appendix E
  25. What is the name of the test set of the ALE-39 system?
  26. How fast is Subsonic?
  27. Who approves storage compatibility for mags?
  28. Chapter 46 of the 2173?
    Strong backs
  29. The MK-65 weights?
  30. What are the two doors for the SUU-80?
  31. What pub is for the magazine hoist?
    A) SG827-AF-MMO-010
    C) SWO23-HST-123
    D) SWO23-SAF-010
  32. How fast is HyPeR sonic?
  33. What is the pub for fume-tight portable plywood bulk heads?
  34. Which Bomb table is for the Carrier?
  35. The HLU-288 SWL?
    • 2000 single cable
    • 4000 double cable
  36. The ADM-141C ITALDS weights?
  37. NAVAMMOLOGLEN is In what state?
    Mechanics burg, Pennsylvania
  38. Work task code 6
  39. What adapter do you use to do stray voltage on rockets?
  40. The M61A1 is overhauled after what # of rounds?
  41. What is the electrical fuze for the CBU-78?
  42. What PUB is for the NAVSEA safety repcautions?
  43. What is the pub for the LAU-116?
    NAVAIR 11-75A-116
  44. Purpose of the individual target performance report
    Report document target performance.
  45. What is the name of the trolley to load the JSOW?
  46. Cook off time for BLU-Series Bombs
  47. The SWL AERO-64?
  48. How long can a ship stay in a NAVAL shipyard before AMMO must be off loaded?
    6 weeks
  49. The GBU-24 uses what fuze series?
    FMU-143 fuze
  50. What test set adapter for the ALM-102 W30, W2, W3,W49, W6, W12
    W30= LAU-117, W2= Rockets, W3= ITER, W6= LAU-118, W49= AUX Breech, W12/W47= Breech
  51. The AIM-7 is what type of missile?
    Semi active
  52. What trolley adapter is for the JSOW?
  53. What is the pub for the BRU-41/42
  54. What is the SWL of the AERO 64A?
    2500lbs each
  55. What PUB is for PYRO screening, marking and counter measure?
  56. SWL MK-51?
  57. SWL of a MK-49
  58. What supports the BOLT assembly and provides a guide for the forward and backward movement of the bolt.
    Rotor Assembly
  59. The AIM-9 can be launched from what launchers?
    LAU-7, LAU-115, LAU-127
  60. What lanyard is used with the FZU-48?
    • FZU-61 for the BRU-32
    • FZU-62 for the BRU-55
  61. What COG is 8U?
  62. What test set is for the TALD?
  63. What is the name of the Hoist in the mags?
  64. Vegetation should be removed how many feet from a magazine area?
    50 feet
  65. What is work task code 5?
    Arm/ DE-ARM
  66. The command shall provide a notification at least how many weeks in advance?
    10 weeks
  67. What does SMUG stand for?
    stores management upgrade
  68. On a advance base enemy ammo should be?
    800 yards
  69. What does 8E COG?
    Air launched missiles
  70. Where is the missile serial number located o the AGM-84 Harpoon?
    On the war heard
  71. How many breech bolts assemblies are on the gun?
  72. What are the dates for the PFA cycle?
    • Cycle 1(1Jan-30Jun)
    • Cycle 2(1July-31Dec)
  73. What is the sign for 1.1?
    Octagon with a # 1 I the middle
  74. The SUU-25 when loaded weights?
    490 or 500lbs
  75. Gun system scheduled maintenance begins after how many rounds?
    • 15,000 beginning
    • 30,000 Max
  76. What type of magazine is made from concrete and is shaped like a beehive or dome.
  77. A mine that falls deeper than 800 feet will do what?
    Collapse on itself?
  78. The AGM-154A carries what?
    145 BLU-97's
  79. The JSOW AGM-154 C carries what?
    2 warheads
  80. What is the PUB for the SUU-25?
  81. What is the test set for the ALE-39?
  82. What is the length of the AIM-7
  83. Max Aircraft and Helo's can not fly over mags or ammo storage areas.
  84. Expenditures/allocations info is available as of what site?
  85. What does ESQD stand for?
    Explosive safety quantity distance
  86. What is the PUB for the LAU-7?
  87. The ADM-141 uses what type of propulsion?
    Turbojet and JP10
  88. What form is for AMMO serial/ location cards?
    NAVSUP FORM 1356
  89. What year did the QUAL cert establish?
  90. What is the breaking point for the MAU-166 ring?
  91. SWL for a AERO 83?
  92. What test set is for STRAY voltage for the 20MM gun?
    A) A/D-23T-430
    B) B/A-43-452
    C) A/E-24T-230
    D) B/A-25-540
  93. The BLU-109 has how many lbs of explosive filler?
  94. The trigger which applies 28 VDC to the __________ to activate the HYD motor?
    HYD control valve solenoid
  95. What is the firing voltage for the M61A1?
    248-400 DC
  96. What is the names of the loading bands and parts?
    • HLK-275, HLK-276, HLK-279
    • U. O. [o]
  97. What is the door for a SUU-63?
  98. NATOPS manuals are issued by who's authority?
  99. The PUB to report injury that involves ordnance equipment?
  100. What are the 2 distinct interface configurations used for the AIM-9X?
    • Digital
    • Analog
  101. What cools the missile IR detector in a LAU-7 missile launcher?
    Nitrogen receiver
  102. What. Is sole launcher is a complete launching system used with AIM-9M missile?
  103. All 5.0 rockets should be received through the supply system in what configuration?
    • -rocket motors in a 4-tube launcher
    • -separate component in separate shipping containers
    • - Fuzes and warheads In a separate container
  104. A rocket motor should not be used if it has been dropped more than what number of feet?
    Reject at any feet?
  105. Long range missiles are usually capable of traveling what min of miles?
    100 miles
  106. Speeds from Mach 0.8 to 1.2 are referred to as what?
  107. Speeds above Mach 5.0 are refereed to as what?
  108. A serive missile is usually referred to as what type of missile?
    Tactical missile
  109. A training missile is classified as what type of missile?
    Non-service missile
  110. Air launched intercept aerial missile is a 9th design and 13th mod what designation is the missile assigned?
  111. What are the 3 characteristics of a AIM-7M guided missile
    • Supersonic
    • Air to air
    • Launched from a intercept aircraft
  112. Where is the warhead on the AIM-7?
    Between the target seeker and the flight control section
  113. The missile battery is I what section of the harpoon missile?
    Sustainer section
  114. How many major components does and AIM-9M side winder guided missile have?
  115. The control fins should be attached to what section of a sidewinder guided missile?
    The guidance and control section
  116. How long will a MK-25 provide smoke and flame for?
    10-20 min
  117. What is the primary weapon used I the anti submarine warfare?
  118. A MK-46 torpedo can be assembled into how many recoverable exercise configs
  119. What is the pub for air borne rockets?
    A) 11-34b-3
    C) SWO23-45-231
  120. The history of rockets cover a span of how many centuries?
  121. Rockets are propelled by what means?
    The expulsion of gases.
  122. The gases produced when rocket motors propellant burns create what type of force?
  123. What component of rockets contains the propellant, igniter, and nozzle?
  124. What initiating device ignites the propellant grain of a rocket?
  125. What are the components of the MK-118 anti-tank bomblets?
    • -MK-1 mod fuzing system
    • - shaped- charge warhead
    • - fixed stabilizing fins
  126. What location is the wing assembly mounted on the GBU?
    The aft end of the bomb body.
  127. The computer control group of a laser guidance kit is used for what purpose?
    To detect laser illumination targets and to provide an attachment point for the guidance fins.
  128. How can you tell if the MK-339 fuze has shifted from the primary to the option delay?
    By checking the time setting observation window of the fuze.
  129. What is the burn time for a MK-80 signal?
    4.5 seconds
  130. What action should you first take before loading a MK-80 signal into a MK-31 signal projector?
    Ensure the signal projector is cocked fist.
  131. What materials is the illuminating candle in a LUU-2B made from?
    • -magnesium
    • -sodium nitrate
    • - polymer binder
  132. What is the average burn time of a MK-25 MLM?
    13.5 to 18.5 min
  133. What are the 3 characteristics of the pyrotechnic pistols?
    • -breech loaded
    • - double action
    • -single shot devices
  134. The day and. Isn't ends of a MK-124 signal are marked In which ways?
    The case has 2 raised beads on the night end and a label to the outer surface marked (day) and flare (night) ends.
  135. A bomb body is shipped with a plastic plug installed I the nose and tail fuze wells to prevent the occurrence of what?
    Damage to the internal threads and moisture from entering the fuze well.
  136. When shipping, what factors the number of bombs that are loaded on each metal pallet?
    The size of the bomb.
  137. Aaa conical fin assembly is attached to the aft end of a bomb by what means?
  138. What launchers are hellfire missiles carried on?
    • M-299
    • M-272
  139. A training missile is classified as what type of missile?
    NON-service missile.
  140. What are 3 characteristics of an AIM-7 guided missile?
    • -supersonic
    • -Air to Air
    • -launched from an intercept aircraft
  141. Speeds from Mach 0.8-1.2
  142. What adapter is for the TALD?
  143. What TDD does the MK-63 use?
  144. What does CC "E" stand for and what color?
    Green restoration
  145. What is the SWL of the ADK-598
  146. What is the name if the sonobuoy cart?
  147. What does CC "P" stand for and what color?
    Reclamation. Red tag
  148. THe MK-63 uses what fin?
  149. What does CC "L" and what color?
    Litigation. Brown tag
  150. The MK-62 takes what kind of battery?
  151. What is the common form of corrosion on aluminum?
  152. Lighting observed from how many miles to cease handling ordnance.
    10 miles.
  153. SLAM-er homing
  154. What is the NITRO holder for the LAU-7
  155. The AERO 39 holds how many Nitro tanks and what launcher?
    7, LAU-7
  156. A burial at sea involves what?
    Three volleys are fired, followed by TAPS
  157. SWL-AERO 58
  158. What does CC K stand for what color?
    Return, brown tag
  159. What year did the maintenance concept AUR be implemented?
  160. Disobeying a lawful order by a CWO
  161. What two fins are used for the MK-62 mine?
    • BSU-86
    • MK-15
  162. What does CC "V" stand for and what color?
    Military waste munitions. Red tag
  163. SWL of the MK-45 hand lift truck?
  164. What does CC "D" stand for and what color?
    Testing blue tag
  165. The ADU-729 holds how many and what launcher?
    7 and LAU-127
  166. How many miles is lighting observed when need to be notified?
    15 miles
  167. The MXU-651 holds how many sonobuoys?
  168. What bomb rack does the P-3 bomb bay use?
  169. How many compatibility groups are there?
  170. What are the sizes of the four symbols of the placards? 1.1 etc
    • 24" 10inch number 1
    • 24" 8 inch X
  171. A posted symbol should be situated so it is visible during day light from what distance?
    500 feet
  172. How many feet should DEMO area be?
    1800 feet
  173. What is the minimum a door must be for FUME- TIGHT bulkhead?
  174. How many rockets does a LAU-10 have?
  175. What are the lengths of the M61A1 barrels?
    60 inches
  176. What is the weight of each gun barrel?
    21 pounds
  177. What is the length of the M61A1?
    72 inches
  178. What is he weight of the M61A1 & M61A2?
    252, 202
  179. How fast is transonic?
  180. How fast is supersonic?
  181. What is the diameter of the AIM-7?
    8 inches
  182. How much does a AGM-154 weight?
  183. What is the length of the AGM-154?
  184. What is the adapter to adapt the LAU-7 to a FA18?
  185. The MK-9 arming wire is what material?
  186. The MK-3 arming wire is made of what?
  187. The GBU-51 uses what bomb body?
  188. On the FMU-140 how do you tell if it is armed or not?
    The red pilot tube or any red
  189. What is the SWL of each bomb tray for the A/F32K-1A
    2000 lbs
  190. What is e SWL of the HLU-256?
  191. The A/F32K-10 is for what platform?
    Amphibious ships
  192. The A/F32K-1/1A is for what platform ship?
  193. What is the name of the single store trolley (load Slam-ER)
  194. What is the name of the trolleys to load a maverick?
  195. What is the name of the CVER adapter?
  196. What is the name of the LALS?
  197. What is the SWL of the AREO 58?
    • 2500 single
    • 5,000 each set
  198. What is the name of the flatbed?
    AERO 71
  199. What are the two hight adapters for a skid?
    • ADU-433 aft
    • ADU-434 fwd
  200. What is he name of he adapter to put on top of the ADU-514A/E?
  201. What is the SWL of the ADU-511?
  202. What is the name of the adapter for the JSOW and it's SWL? "Rubber"
    ADU-775 & 1500lbs
  203. This consist of two forklift pockets and two end support braces
  204. What is the SWL of the MHU-63/E?
  205. The BLU-111 has how many lbs of explosive filler?
  206. The BLU-117 has how many lbs of explosive filler?
  207. A BLU-110 has how many lbs of explosive filler?
  208. The BLU-116 has how many lbs of explosive filler?
  209. What type of ordnance can not be loaded on a aircraft while being fueled?
    Forward firing ordnance
  210. How far should you put the TTU-304 from the missile when doing the tone check?
    4 to 6 feet
  211. What kinda of caulking can you use on false bulk heads?
    Water based
  212. What is the chiefs B-day?
  213. What PUB is for the CAMBRE test set?
  214. What does CAMBRE stand for?
    Common Munitions BIT/Reprogramming equipment.
  215. What instruction does ESI inspections fall under?
    NOSSAINST 8020.14E
  216. ATR's at a minimum should be submitted?
  217. On advance bases NAR's that effect a asset should be changed in how many working days?
    3 days
  218. ATR's are classified as what classification?
  219. For information on general Aircraft hand signals you would refer to what manual?
    NA 00-80T-1113
  220. Where are missile magazine normally located on a carrier?
    below the waterline and within the armored box
  221. A ships primary magazines are normally located where?
    below decks and below the waterline
  222. What is the pub for Explosive Safety Accidents and lessons learned?
  223. What pub would you use for cleaning and corrosion?
    NAVAIR 01-1A-509-1
  224. To conduct a post load inspection, an Ordnanceman must be qualified and certified at a minimum level?
    Quality Assurance
  225. What is the minimum level of certification you must be to work without supervision?
  226. When a sidewinder tone check how far should you hold the TTU-304 across the missile?
    4 to 6 feet
  227. If you fail and ESI what is the highest grade you can get on a re-inspect?
    In compliance.
  228. Commands, in facilities category I, II, III and IV will receive a formal ESI on what period
    Every two years
  229. What command has been directed to execute the shore station ESI program?
  230. A ships primary magazine are normally located where?
    Below decks and below the waterline.
  231. What is the delay time for implanted air laid mines?
    8 min to 10 days
  232. What gives you gripping surface for easy installation and removal of the barrel from the rotor?
    Knurled bands on the barrels
  233. What controls the forward and aft movement of the breech bolt in the M61A1 gun?
    Rotor tracks.
  234. Empty ammunition cases are removed from the bolt assembly chamber by what?
    Extractor lip
  235. What is used with a MK80 series LDGP bomb to make Destructor mine?
    MK-75 modification kit
  236. An uncreated rocket motor has to be rejected if dropped from what minimum distance onto a hard surface?
    Two feet
  237. What fuze comes installed In a weapon and does not require assembly or setting?
  238. What are the primary and option time settings on the MK-339?
    1.2 primary and 4.0 option
  239. Which arming wire is not made of brass?
    MK-3 stainless steel
  240. ATRs from ships and outside the continental United States (OCONUS) activities are transmitted under what classicstion
  241. What determines the routing system a ship must use when ordering ammunition?
    The ships geographic location and mission
  242. What controls/ restricts the burning speed of a propellant in a rocket motor?
  243. What lubrication is used in the lubricator assembly on the M61A1?
    • DOD-L-85336 CALI
    • MC3000
  244. Ammunition is transported from the transfer unit to the entrance unit by what chute assembly?
  245. What engages the rim of a round throughout the firing cycle?
    Extractor lip
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