PSYH 151- Chapter 15

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  1. Any behavior or emotional state that causes and individual great suffering, is self destructive, seriously impairs the person's ability to work or get along with others, or makes a person unable to control the impulse to endanger others
    Mental Disorder
  2. Symptoms or mental disorders that are specific to particular cultural contexts and practices
    Culture-Bound Symptoms
  3. Psychological tests used to infer a person's motives, conflicts, and unconscious dynamics on the basis of the person's interpretations of ambiguous stimuli
    Projective tests
  4. Standardized objective questionnaires requiring written responses; they typically include scales on which people are asked to rate themselves
    Objective tests (inventories)
  5. A continuous state of anxiety marked by feelings of worry and dread, apprehension, difficulties in concentration, and signs of motor tension
    Generalized anxiety disorder
  6. An anxiety disorder in which a person who has experienced a traumatic of life-threatening event has symptoms such as psychic numbing, reliving of the trauma, and increased physiological arousal
    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  7. An anxiety disorder in which a person experiences recurring panic attacks, periods of intense fear, and feelings of impending doom or death, accompanied by physiological symptoms such as rapid heart rate and dizziness
    Panic disorder
  8. An exaggerated, unrealistic fear of a specific situation, activity, or object
  9. A set of phobias, often set off by a panic attack, involving basic fear of being away from a safe place or person
  10. An anxiety disorder in which a person feels trapped in repetitive, persistent thoughts and repetitive, ritualized behaviors designed to reduce anxiety
    Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  11. A mood disorder involving disturbances in emotion, behavior, cognition, and body function
    major depression
  12. A mood disorder in which episodes of both depression and mania occur
    Bipolar disorder
  13. Approaches that emphasize how individual vulnerabilities interact with external stresses or circumstances to produce specific mental disorders, such as depression
    Vulnerability-stress models
  14. A disorder characterized by extreme negative emotionally and an inability to regulate emotions; it often results in intense but unstable relationships, impulsiveness, self-mutilating behavior, feelings of emptiness, and a fear of abandonment by others
    Borderline personality disorder
  15. A personality disorder characterized by a lifelong pattern of irresponsible, antisocial behavior such as lawbreaking, violence, and other impulsive, reckless acts
    Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD)
  16. A personality disorder characterized by fearlessness; lack of empathy, guilt, remorse; the use of deceit; and coldheartedness
  17. A controversial disorder marked by the apparent appearance within one person of two or more distinct personalities, each with its own name and traits
    dissociative identity disorder
  18. A psychotic disorder marked by delusions, hallucinations, disorganized and incoherent speech, and inappropriate behavior, and cognitive impairments
  19. An extreme mental disturbance involving distorted perceptions and irrational behavior; it may have psychological or organic causes
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