Cisco 200-101 part 1 chapter 1

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  1. If a switch receives a frame on a port destined for a mac-address. How does it determine where to look for the destination port with respect to the vlan?
    • If the port it was received on is part of a vlan it will only look in that vlan. 
    • If the port it was received on is a trunk port it will look at the frame's vlan-id.
    • It will either send it to a port with a known address or out all ports and trunk ports looking for the address.
  2. After STP has converged which routers send out BPDUs and how often are they sent out?
    Only the root bridge sends out BPDU. It is by default sent out every 2 seconds.
  3. How long is the default BPDU hello timer and how ling is the maxage timer?
    Default hello is sent every 2 seconds and the maxage is 20 seconds.
  4. What do switches do when they receive a BPDU?
    They update the information from the Root bridge and then forward it out all designated ports.
  5. How do you configure a switch port to be part of an EtherChannel and where do you do it?
    Under the interface configuration you set  the port to Switch#channel-group number mode mode.
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