Volume 5 for LT. cert

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  1. Which units respond to Single Family Single Story?
    • 3 Engines
    • 1 Ladder
    • 1 Rescue
    • 2 BC's
    • 1 HazMat
  2. Which units respond to a Single Family Multiple Story?
    • 3 Engines
    • 2 Ladders
    • 2 Rescues
    • 2 BC's
    • 1 HazMat
    • 1 Sq2
    • QI-78
  3. The only tactic that should delay locating and attacking the fire is what?
    An obvious critical rescue
  4. On the fire floor, the primary search will begin where?
    as close to the fire as possible
  5. On the floor above the fire, the search will begin where?
    As soon as that floor is reached
  6. T/F The search group should consider using a Tag Line when conducting search operations
  7. If a hoseline has not been advanced to a floor above or below the fire floor in a multistory structure, the Search Group will take what? for protection?
    Pressurized water fire extinguisher
  8. Property security after fire operations are completed is the responsibility of who?
    Property Owner
  9. IAP
    First due Engine
    360, size-up assume Command and accountability; provide reconnaissance, situation report, advance initial attack line, search as the line is advanced
  10. Second due Engine
    Standby water supply, stretch backup line
  11. Third Due Engine
    Rapid Intervention Team (RIT)
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