Strip Mall Fires

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  1. T/F. Firefighters are the primary life hazard in fires in this occupancy? (Strip Malls)
  2. Resources assigned to a strip mall fire are?
    • 4 engines
    • 2 ladders
    • 2 rescues
    • 3 BC's
    • 1 HazMat
    • 1 SQ2
    • QI-78
  3. Strip Mall attack lines how many, size and where?
    • 4 lines
    • Attack - 2 1/2"
    • Backup - 2 1/2"
    • Exposure on each side of the fire 2- 1 3/4"
  4. Strip mall is commonly __feet deep?
    Strip mall is commonly __feet wide?
    Strip mall is commonly __feet high?
    • 75-100 feet Deep
    • 30-40 feet Wide
    • 10-15 feet High
  5. The preferred technique for the ventilation of strip mall is a combination of what?
    • Hydraulic trenching
    • PPV

    • Note: Hydraulic Trenching is performed in the exposure stores
    • PPV Fans are placed in the exposure stores
  6. Strip Mall fires

    If heavy fire showing on arrival in a store, consider the use of what to attack the fire? and what size of lines for exposures?
    • Portable Ground monitor
    • Two - 2 1/2" lines in the exposure stores
  7. T/F. If using a portable monitor, the GPM delivered from the appliance varies based on the configuration of the Base
  8. If a 5" inlet base, ___GPMs? with a 2" Tip
    1000 GPMs
  9. If Two 2 1/2" inlets on the base, ___GPMs? with a 2" Tip
    800 GPMs is the max with this base
  10. GPM is reduced by 100 for every __" reduction in Nozzle Diameter
  11. The Exposures to the left and right are referred to as
    Bravo and Delta starting from the closest out

    Example: B4B3B2B1 Fire D1D2D3D4
  12. Sprinkler systems, when present, should be?

    This system, however, will not protect the common cockloft void space
  13. The greatest factors that will drive the tactical decision-making process are:
    The Location and Extent of the fire
  14. If low to moderate fire on arrival, a __"? attack line is to be used in the store of origin and ___" handlines should be used in the exposures. A __"? back-up line will also be needed if attack crew enters the store of origin
    • 2 1/2" attack line
    • 1 3/4" handlines to be used for exposures
    • 2 1/2" back-up line
  15. The first exposure line should be stretched to either the ___? store or side with the __? amount of property that can be save
    • Downwind store
    • Largest amount of property
  16. The second exposure line should be stretched to either the ___? store or side with the ___? property to protect
    • Upwind store
    • Least property to protect
  17. With products of combustion showing on arrival, the first arriving engine company should Establish its own Water Supply. The first attack stream will be either the ___? or ___? attack line so the Supply should be established
    • either the Deck Gun
    • or 2 1/2" attack line

    Note: establishing water supply with the 1st due engine should not compromise the ability of other arriving resources
  18. If the structure has a unique shape, "___" for example, a trench cut may be considered at the point in which the structure changes direction
  19. T/F

    Before PPV Operations Begin, Either Self Venting Must Have Occurred Or A Ventilation Hole Must Be Established
  20. The exposure PPV fan and the Exposure Handline should be operating in?
    in the same store

    Note:  the rear doors of the exposure stores should remain closed so that positive pressure can be produced
  21. At a strip mall fire, the 3rd Due Engine is assigned?
    Exposure line
  22. At a strip mall fire, the 4th Due Engine is assigned?
    • Manpower for backup line
    • Supply Ladder Company
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