Pretérito indefinido - Verb drills 2

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  1. I always forget that (how
    siempre me olvido eso
  2. I forgot it ( my jacket)
    me lo olvidé
  3. did you forget something?
    te olvidaste algo?
  4. I received it
    lo recibí
  5. he received it
    lo recibió
  6. I thought so
    Creí que sí
  7. He thought that?
    Creyó que
  8. did you believe it
    lo creiste
  9. I thought about it
    lo pensé sobre
  10. i brought it
    lo traje
  11. he brought it
    lo trajo
  12. did you bring it
    lo trajiste
  13. i heard it
    lo oí
  14. He heard it
    lo oyó
  15. I heard that
    oí eso
  16. Already, he showed it to me
    • Enseñar
    • ya, me lo enseñó
  17. didn't I show you it
    no te lo enseñé
  18. i left it
    lo dejé
  19. he left it for me
    me lo dejó
  20. did you leave it for me?
    me lo dejaste
  21. I met him
    lo conocí
  22. we met last week
    conocimos la semana pasada
  23. he met me there
    me conoció ahi
  24. I hated it
    lo odié
  25. she hated it
    lo odió
  26. already, i asked for it
    ya, lo pedí
  27. she ordered it
    lo pidió
  28. did you order it?
    lo pediste
  29. i finished it
    lo terminé
  30. he finished it
    lo terminó
  31. did you finish it?
    lo terminaste
  32. we were(got) married
    nos casamos
  33. I (got) married Laurie
    Me casé con Laurie
  34. Did he get married?
    se casó?
  35. did you get married
    te casaste?
  36. I brought (carried) it
    lo Llevé
  37. he brought(carried) it
    lo Llevó
  38. Did you bring (carrt) it?
    lo Llevaste
  39. Did you think about it
    lo pensaste?
  40. I thought about it
    lo Pensé
  41. did you get (obtain) it?
    lo obtuviste?
  42. she got (obtained) it
    lo obtuvo
  43. I felt sad
    me sentí triste
  44. She felt nervous
    Se sintió nervioso
  45. I sat in the second row
    me senté en fila segundo
  46. She sat next to me
    se sentó a lado yo
  47. I offered it to you
    te lo ofrecí
  48. They gave it to us
    nos lo dieron
  49. They told us that
    nos dijieron eso
  50. the couldn't do it
    no lo pudieron hacer
  51. I couldn't find it
    no lo pude encontrar
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