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  1. executive meetings
    • Evolve – 2 directions – 1st
    • direction - addressing employee’s concerns

    Uncertainty – long serving staff

    • To address concerns – on top of current com
    • channels – executive meetings

    Current challenges and future plans

    • Enhance understanding of importance of
    • change – inject confidence
  2. main concerns
    • 2 main concerns – job security and the
    • company’s financial viability

    • 1st concern - Explain purpose
    • not to downsize – trainings to help them adapt

    • 2nd concern – strong financial
    • performance in recent years – enough cash to manage
  3. importance of innovation
    2nd direction – breed innovation

    • Essential to leadership development and
    • succession planning – future leaders need to think outside the box

    • Current problem – although our staff have excellent
    • technical skills, operational-oriented mindset is incompatible with our growth
    • plans – they are prefer to stay in comfort zone and not to deviate from the current status
  4. proposals
    • to unlock future potential - Breed innovation – we recommend rewarding creative
    • proposals from employees

    • encourage L1 and L2 employees – identify business
    • opportunity and improving productivity

    L4 review

    • Employees with good proposals will be
    • rewarded with bonus and potential promotion opportunities – invited to exclusive
    • leadership training – prospective employees advance to L3 level on fast track

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cpcs script

cpcs script
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