Hist 2020 Final Exam 1

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  1. Term for tension, Lasted from 1945-1990, between the Soviet Union and the United States, the two major world powers after World War 2
    Cold War
  2. Coined by George Kennan- American diplomat. Aimed at preventing further Soviet expansion. "Iron curtain" in Europe- free west vs. Communist east
  3. Implemented a policy of containment; crisis in Greece
    Truman Doctrine
  4. Named after Secretary of State George Marshall; Plan was an European Recovery program; 1948-1953: U.S. spent $13 billion to restore economic of Western Europe; Aim: Provide strong foundation, repel communism
    Marshall Plan
  5. Established in 1938; Investigated communist influence in Hollywood (screenwriters, actors, directors); Walt Disney, Ronald Reagan testified that move industry harbored communist
  6. Refused to cooperate with HUAC- charged with contempt of Congress, jailed terms of up to 1 year; Hollywood studious denied 10 employment along with 200 others
    Hollywood 10
  7. Several southern delegates withdrew from 1948 DNC convention )civil rights agenda); States' Rights Democratic Party; Gov. Strom Thurmond (SC) nominated as President; Thurmond's Platform- "complete segregation of the races"
  8. Republican Senator from Wisconsin, 1947-1957; Feb.1950: Delivered speech in Wheeling, West Va announcing he had a list of communist working in State Department; Senate committee concluded charges were fraudulent
    Senator Joseph McCarthy
  9. Became term synonymous with anti communist crusade; American society had during to McCarthy; Robin Hood banned in Indiana
  10. Sen. Margaret Chase Smith came out with her own statement; went against
    Declaration of Conscience
  11. Lasted June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953; Dwight Eisenhower made good on pledge to end war (election in 1952); Truman administration: War successful for containment; Over 36,000 Americans killed; 100,000 plus wounded
    Koren War
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