Cranial nerves

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  1. Nerve I and type of nerve
    • Olfactory nerve
    • sensory
  2. Nerve II and type of nerve
    • optic nerve
    • sensory
  3. Nerve III and type
    • Oculomotor nerve
    • motor
  4. Nerve IV and type
    • trochlear
    • motor
  5. Nerve V and type
    • Trigeminal
    • mixed
  6. Nerve VI and type
    • abducent
    • motor
  7. Nerve VII and type
    • Facial nerve
    • motor
  8. Nerve VIII and type
    • Vestibulocochlear nerve
    • motor
  9. Nerve IX and type
    • Glossopharngeal nerve
    • sensory
  10. Nerve X and type
    • Vagus nerve
    • mixed
  11. Nerve XI and type
    • Spinal accessory nerve
    • motor
  12. Nerve XIII and type
    • Hypoglossal nerve
    • motor
  13. what is the trochlear motor responsible for?
    handling eye movement
  14. what is the abducent nerve responsible for?
    eye movement
  15. what is the glossopharyngeal nerve responsible for
    temperature of the tongue
  16. what is the spinal accessory nerve responsible for?
    movement of the shoulders
  17. what is the hypoglossal nerve responsible for?
    muscles of the tongue

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Cranial nerves
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cranial nerves and function
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