Ch 17 Lecture 3

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  1. Because __ is used in the cell, it can be taken from the CAC. This loss in __ is checked by __, which helps to make sure energy remains how? 
    • oxaloacetate
    • oxaloacetate
    • pyruvate carboxylase
    • by converting pyruvate to oxaloacetate
  2. Oxaloacetate is the building block of which amino acids?.
    other amino acids, such as aspartic acid, methionine, threonine, isoleucine, lysine, and asparagine.

    also makes purines and pyrimidines
  3. Succinyl CoA is important in what?
    • porphyrins
    • heme 
    • chlorophyll

    • porphyrins require 2 succinyl coA
    • 4 porphyrins make a heme; require 8 succinyl coA
  4. Alpha-ketoglutarate is what?
    an intermediate that can be removed to make several amino acids

    glutamate--> glutamine, proline, arginine

    other purines
  5. Pyruvate--> acetyl CoA-->citrate--> __
    fatty acids, sterols
  6. Glucose to pyruvate?
  7. Fatty acids being fed into the CAC as acetyl CoA is what type of reaction?
    fatty acid oxidation
  8. alpha-ketoglutarate-> CO2 and H2O is hwat?
    oxidative phosphorylation
  9. Beri beri is caused by ?
    dietary deficiencies in vitamin B1; problem for eastern cultures where rice is the main staple

    neuroplogical and cadiac disorder characterized by anorexia, enlargement of the heart, paresthesia, muscle weakness and weariness
  10. Beri beri causes what?
    deficiency in thiamine, which is the precursor to the prosthetic group TPP
  11. What is TPP important for?
    pyruvate dehydrogenase, transketolase, alpha-ketoglutarate
  12. Arsenite causes what?
    • causes build up of alpha ketoglutarate
    • simiar to effects of Hg or As poisoning
  13. What is treatment OF this?
    ingest something that competes with binding of arsenite, gets rid of it thorugh urination.
  14. Why is oxygen necessary for the Krebs Cycle?
    regeneration of NADH and FADH2
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