Hist 2020 Final Exam 2

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  1. Launched counterattack at Inchon- His army soon occupied most of North Korea; Hope to unite pro American gov. in Korea; Oct.1950- Chinese troops drove UN forces back; wanted to fight back- invade China and use nuclear weapons
    General Douglas MacArthur
  2. Any Soviet attack on on American ally would be countered by a nuclear assault on the Soviet Union; Reliance on nuclear warheads rising from 1,000 in 1953 to 18,000 in 1960 (U.S.)  

    1952- First hydrogen bomb exploded by U.S.; Both U.S. and Soviet Union developed long range bombers
    Massive Retaliation
  3. Fear
    Mutual Assured Destruction
  4. Families had bomb shelters, stored food underground and other things needed to survive
    Duck and Cover
  5. 50% increase in birthrate; Number of children jumped from 2.6 per family in 1940 to 3.2 by 1950; 94% men, 92% women taking marriage rows; most marrying generation, marrying younger, ___ with generational identity
    Baby boomers
  6. Purchased thousands of acres of farmland in Hempstead, NY; Creator of the Levittowns oplanned communities
    William Levitt
  7. Contained 17,000 houses, dozens of parks, ball fields, churches, shopping areas for over 53,000 residents; Similar towns in PA and NJ emerged; salesmen restricted communities to whites
  8. McDonald's opened in Illinois in 1954; Franchised by him; 700 McDonald's appeared by 1964- over 400 million hamburgers sold
    Ray Kroc
  9. Local disc jockey played black rhythm and blues artist on radio; self proclaimed father of rock n roll
    Alan Freed
  10. Music of the youth; Was the youth's music played by their heroes, set to their specific beat
    Rock n Roll
  11. One of the most popular artist of the 1950s
    Little Richard
  12. Poets against mainstream culture; appeared in college; appeared in college towns Madison, Ann Arbor as well as in NYC and SF; coined by Jack Kerouac meaning "beaten down" and "saintlike"
    The Beats
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