Hist 2020 Final exam 4

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  1. "Main cause of riots, is white racism"; plan put in place to 1)increase jobs 2) provide housing 3) attempted to eradicate racism that occurred in black neighborhoods
    Kerner Commission
  2. Prohibited racial discrimination in employment, institutions like hospitals and schools, and privately owned public accommodations- restaurants, motels, theaters;also banned discrimination on grounds of sex
    Civil rights act of 1964
  3. First American to orbit the Earth (1962); July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 lands on moon
    John Glenn
  4. Sent young Americans abroad to aid in economic/ educational process of developing countries and improve image of U.S.; 1961- First group arrived in Ghana and Tanzania as teachers; 1966- 15,000 volunteers
    Peace Crops
  5. April 15 1961: Three U.S. planes flown by Cuban pilots bomb Cuban bases (soften up for invasion); April 17: Approximately 1,300 Cuban exiles (opposed to Castro) invade southern part of island; April 19: Exiles bases and over 1,200 men captured; 100 exiles killed during fighting 
    *Significance: Relations between U.S. and Cuba not good; Castro weary of anything U.S. did
    Bay of Pigs
  6. Occured from October 14-28, 1962; Oct.15: Discovery of offensive missiles in Cuba; Oct. 22: Made public to U.S. citizens, U.S. Naval blockade, quarantine of Cuba (so nothing gets in without U.S. investigating their ships); Oct.26: U.S. inspect Marcula- dry cargo ship; JFK prevents this
    Cuban Missile Crisis
  7. South Vietnam's President backed by the U.S.; Die had to deal with Viet Cong guerrillas
    Ngo Dinh Diem
  8. 1963; Burned himself in the middle of the street to protest the brutality that occurred under Diem (Buddhist Monk)
    Thich Quang Duc
  9. November 22, 1963- Dallas, Texas Incident occurred around 12:30 pm; Lee Harvey Oswald- Unstable, actions never fully explained; blamed for assassination of Kennedy
    JFK assassination
  10. August 28, 1963- 250,000 gathered at Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.; Organized by Civil rights, labor, and church organizations led by A. Phillip Randolph; called for passage of civil rights billboard discrimination in employment, reduce unemployment, etc.; King "I have a dream"
    March on Washington
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