Java Angular Final

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  1. Entity beans job
    look after the object relational aspect
  2. EJB job
    • glorified business object
    • where glassfish looks after low levels e.g. networking
  3. 2 types of beans
    • ejb
    • java entity beans
  4. 2 types of ejb
    • session bean - stateful and stateless
    • message bean - asynchronous communication
  5. stateless
    • method that we post on the internet
    • we use this
  6. asynchronous communication
    lets you put a message on a que for later use
  7. 3 ways to access ejb
    • same jvm without an interface - using this
    • same jvm with local interface 
    • different jvm with remote interface
  8. What annotation was added to the Vendor resource class to gain access to the facade EJB?
  9. What annotation was removed from the Vendor resource  class .
  10. What entity manager method is used to instantiate a Query class?
  11. What is contained in the string passed to the method from createNamedQuery
    • finder method
    • eg. findAll();
  12. What language is a finder method coded with?
    • java persistence query language
    • jpql
  13. Prior to updating entity data via the setters, what operation was performed on the entity manager?
    find first, then run the setters
  14. What angular directive was used to display the qrcode?
  15. How was the desired product code passed to the Servlet?
    through the query string
  16. What was loaded in the template property for the myReqFld directive?
    a function() to build the string
  17. What event was captured by the myReqFld link property?
  18. What was the purpose of adding ng-Form to the numeric fields template?
    for multiple validations
  19. war vs ear
    • war is contained in the ear
    • ear has another jar file
  20. # of EJB's
    # of Entities
    • 3
    • 4
  21. Pros & cons of EJBs
    • pros - glassfish with look after pooling automatically
    • cons - cannot run by itself
  22. @TransactionAttribute
    • types
    • .REQUIRED - start
    • .REQUIRES_NEW - joining / start if not started
    • .NOT_SUPPORTED - class level
  23. Entity Manager
    • everything goes through this
    • written by persist
  24. QRcode history
    Japan - 1994
  25. QRcodes are scanned mostly by
    35-44 year olds
  26. = vs @
    • = is for two way communication (ng-model)
    • @ is for string attributes (type, size, label, max)
  27. purpose of 'link' in directives
    • for using jQuery or event Handling
    • use the element for even handling
  28. securing limitations
    transmission unless using secured sockets
  29. web.xml
    setup roles and what we are authenticating
  30. glassfish-web.xml
    setting up a user to a role
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