PCOM Herb6 Final Bloodstag

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  1. Tao He Cheng qi Tang
    Blood Stag in LJ /w heat
  2. Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang
    Blood stasis in chest /w chest pain
  3. When Tong Zhu Yu Tang
    General muscle skeletal pain due to blood stag.
  4. Tong Qiao Huo Xue Tang
    Blood stasis in head /w headache
  5. Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang
    Blood stasis + Liv Qi Stag /w pain below diaphram
  6. Shao fu Zhu Yu Tang
    Masses in LJ due to Blood stag
  7. Shi Xiao San
    Blood stag /w dysmenorrhea
  8. Dan Shen Yin
    Blodo stag with radiating pain from MJ to chest.
  9. Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang
    Blood stag /w hemiplegia.  Post Stroke.
  10. Fu Yuan Huo Xue  Tang
    Blood stag from traumatic injury
  11. Wen Jing Tang
    Blood Stasis in LJ due to cold
  12. Gui Zhi fu ling wan
    Masses in LJ due to water accumulation from yang xu
  13. Sheng Hua Tang
    Postpartum lochial due to cold

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PCOM Herb6 Final Bloodstag
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PCOM Herb6 Final Bloodstag
Final Bloodstag
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