Canine and Feline Diseases

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  1. when was Leptospirosis considered a reportable disease
    January 2013
  2. What are five nick names for Leptospirosis
    • rice field fever
    • swine herders disease
    • red water/sleeping sickness
    • swamp fever (usually in horses)
    • rice field fever - seen as a public health problem
  3. Leptospirosis is considered a _______ disease
    bacterial disease
  4. How many human cases does the CDC estimate every year
  5. What are the 5 types of Leptospirosis
    • canicola
    • icterohaemorrhagiae
    • pomona - cattle
    • grippotyphosa - cattle
    • harjo - cattle
  6. What was the nick name for humans with leptospirosis
    Fort Bragg Disease
  7. What is hemoglobinurea called in cattle
    red water
  8. How is leptospirosis transmitted
    • urine
    • biological vectors
  9. What are the three methods that Leptospirosis can enter the body
    • ingestion
    • inhalation
    • abrasions
  10. what is he incubation period for Leptospirosis in dogs
    3-20 days
  11. What are common clinical signs for Leptospirosis
    • vomiting
    • abdominal pain
    • anorexia
    • diarrhea
    • lethargy
    • muscle pain
    • Jaundice
  12. What are the clinical findings associated with leptospirosis
    • elevated BUN and creatine levels
    • thrombocytopenia
    • high glucose levels in urine
  13. In an animal infected with leptospiosis, the antibody levels will rise in __ days after exposure and will peak at __ days
    • 5 days
    • 21 days
  14. How many strains of Canine Brucellosis are there? How many strains are in the cow
    • dogs -1
    • cows - 19
  15. What is the etiology for Brucellosis in a dog
    • Brucella canis
    • gram negative
    • coccobacillus
  16. How is Brucella canis transmitted
    • infected semen/vaginal secretion
    • breeding and post abortion
    • fetal tissue
    • urine
  17. where are the three greatest concentration of B. canis found in the body
    • lymph nodes
    • spleen
    • reproductive tissue
  18. term for testicular swelling
  19. Treatments for B. canis in a male and female dog
    • resistant to antibiotics due to intracellular location
    • male - castration
    • female - ovariohysterectomy
  20. Three test used to test for B. canis
    • Rapid Slide Agglutination Test (RSAT)
    • Tube Agglutination Test (TAT)
    • Aggar Gel Immunodiffusion (AGID) - Best test to use (Coggins Test in a horse)
  21. what is Brucella in humans called
    undulant fever
  22. What is Brucella called in these animals
    sheep and goats
    • sheep and goats - Brucella melitenisis
    • sheep - Brucella ovis
    • Dogs - Brucella canis
    • Rodents - Brucella neotomae
    • Swine - Brucella suis
  23. How is west nile virus transmitted
    • mosquitoes (mechanical vectors) usually culex
    • found in ticks transmission not known
  24. what is the primary carrier for west nile virus
    • Birds
    • WNV has a enzootic cycle between birds and mosquitoes
  25. what two drugs will make a cat vomit
    • Rompin
    • Xylazine
  26. Why do we not give injections into the arteries
    Because it goes strait to the brain
  27. what are the three bones in the bones
    • mallus
    • incus
    • stapies
  28. What is the name for the ear drum
    Tempanic membrane
  29. What is the term for dry eye
    Caratitis secum
  30. What are two ocular test used in veterinary medicine
    • Shimer tear test
    • Floursine stripts
  31. What eye test is used to measure moisture and what is the normal range
    • Schimer tear test
    • 19-20
    • done in both eyes
  32. What eye test is used to test for a blocked Lacrimal puncta
    • Flurescein Staining
    • this usually results in epiphera (eye draining)
  33. What cranial nerve controls the heart
    Vagus X cranial nerve
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