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  1. plea

    The president's plea to release the captives* was denied by the enemy.
  2. plea

    The employees* turned in a plea to their boss for higher pay.
  3. plea
    that which is asked of another

     In court today, the judge consented* to the lawyer's plea for a light sentence.
  4. weary

    • I am weary of debating* the same topic* all day.
    • The farmer grew weary of bringing in the harvest* every year for the past forty summers.
    • Let me rest my weary bones here before the march commences.*
  5. collide
    come together with force

    • When the two autos collided, the people in the fragile* smaller car perished.*
    • Committees are exploring* ways of keeping cars from colliding.
    • In my estimate* the two bicycles collided at five o'clock.
  6. confirm
    prove to be true or correct

    • A probe* of the criminal's background confirmed that he had been in
    • jail numerous* times.
    • Years of research confirmed the theory* that
    • smoking is harmfuL
  7. confirm
    make certain

    The way Victor talked back to his mother confirmed that he was defiant.*
  8. verify
    prove to be true

    A "yes man" is an employee* who will verify everything the boss says.
  9. verify

    • I was there as a witness to verify the charges against the bus
    • driver.
    • The data* I turned in were verified by the clerks in our
    • office.
  10. anticipate
    look forward to

    With his weird* powers, Lonnie was able to anticipate the ringing of the telephone.
  11. anticipate

    • We anticipate a panic* if the news is  revealed* to the public.
    • Harriet anticipated the approach* of the mailman with fright.
  12. dilemma
    situation requiring a choice between two evils

    • It is sensible not to panic* in the face of a dilemma.
    • Lottie faced the dilemma of whether to approve of the operation or not.
    • In "The Lady or the Tiger," the hero had the dilemma of which door to open.
  13. detour
    a roundabout way

    • Pop was uneasy* about taking the detour in this strange town.
    • In order to evade* city traffic, Anthony took a detour.
    • The detour took us ten miles off our course.
  14. merit

    My brother was promoted because of merit, not because of friendship.
  15. merit

    There is little merit in lying to those you love.
  16. merit

    I can't see any merit in your proposal.
  17. transmit
    send over

    Garcia's message was transmitted to the appropriate* people.
  18. transmit
    pass on

    Our local radio station does not transmit broadcasts after midnight.
  19. transmit
    pass along

    Scientists can now transmit messages from space vessels* to earth.
  20. transmit
    let through
  21. relieve
    make less

    The peace agreement relieved us of the threat* of an attack.
  22. relieve
    make easier

    A majority* of the population* wanted to relieve the mayor of his duty
  23. relieve
    reduce the pain of

    The pills relieved the pain from the wound I received in the conflict.*
  24. relieve
  25. relieve

  26. relieve
    • free
  27. baffle
    be too hard to understand or solve

    • How so mediocre* a player earned so much money baffled me.
    • The topic* of relativity is a baffling one.
    • Sherlock Holmes would undoubtedly* have been baffled by the way the crime was committed.
  28. warden

    A cautious* warden always has to anticipate* the possibility of an escape.
  29. warden

    The warden found himself facing two hundred defiant* prisoners.
  30. warden
    person in charge of a prison

    When the journalists* asked to meet with Warden Thomas, he sent word that he was sick.
  31. acknowledge
    admit to be true

    • a.  The experts reluctantly* acknowledged that their estimate* of food costs was not accurate.*
    • b.  District Attorney Hogan got the man to acknowledge that he had lied in court.
    • c.  "I hate living alone," the bachelor* acknowledged.
  32. justice
    just conduct

    • Daniel Webster abandoned* any hope for justice once he saw the jury.
    • Our pledge* to the flag refers to "liberty and justice for all."
  33. justice
    fair dealing

    The warden* acknowledged* that justice had not been served in my case.
  34. delinquent
    an offender

    All delinquents are banned* from the Student Council at school.
  35. delinquent

    The youthful delinquent tried to avoid* going to jail.
  36. delinquent
    behind time

    If you are delinquent in  paying your dues, you will be dropped from membership in the club.
  37. reject
    refuse to take, use, believe, consider, grant, etc.

    • When Sylvester tried to join the army, he was hoping the doctors would not reject him because of his eyesight.
    • The reform* bill was unanimously* rejected by Congress.
    • When his promotion was rejected by the newspaper owner, the editor* was thoroughly* bewildered.*
  38. deprive
    take away from by force

    • The poor man was deprived of a variety* of things that money could buy.
    • We were deprived of a good harvest* because of the lack* of rain.
    • Living in a rural* area, Betsy was deprived of concerts and plays.
  39. spouse
    husband or wife

    • When a husband prospers* in  his business, his spouse benefits also.
    • The woman and her spouse relieved* each other throughout the night at their child's bedside.
    • "May I bring my spouse to the office party?" Dorinda asked.
  40. vocation
  41. vocation

    • Hiroko's vocation turned into his life's career.
  42. vocation

     It is difficult to pick an appropriate* vocation when you are in elementary school.
  43. vocation

    Red Smith's vocation was as a journalist* for the Times.
  44. unstable
    not firmly fixed

    • Some unstable people may panic* when they find themselves in trouble.
    • Cathy's balance became unstable because she was very weary.*
  45. unstable
    easily moved or overthrown

    I could detect* that the drinking glass was unstable and about to fall. c.
  46. homicide
    a killing of one human being by another

    • It took a crafty* person to get away with that homicide.
    • News of the homicide quickly circulated* through our vicinity.*
  47. homicide

    The police were baffled* as to who was responsible for the homicide.
  48. penalize
    declare punishable by law or rule;

    Mrs. Robins penalized us for doing the math problem in ink.
  49. penalize
    set a penalty for

    • The Detroit Lions were penalized fifteen yards for their rough play.
    • We were penalized for not following tradition.
  50. beneficiary
    • person who receives benefit
    •  I was the beneficiary of $8,000 when my grandfather died.
    • When the paintings were sold, the millionaire's niece was the beneficiary.
    • My brother was the beneficiary of excellent advice from his guidance counselor.
  51. reptile
    a cold blooded animal that creeps or crawls; snakes, lizards, turtles, alligators, and crocodiles

    • The lizard is a reptile with a very slender* body.
    • Reptiles are kept in the museum's large hall.
    • A crocodile is a reptile that is more nimble* in the water than out of it.
  52. rarely

    You rarely hear adults raving* about a movie they just saw.
  53. rarely
    not often

    • People are rarely frank* with each other.
    • I rarely attend the annual* meetings of our family circle.
  54. forbid
    order someone not to do something;

    Spitting on the floor is forbidden in  public places.
  55. forbid
    make a rule against

    • The law forbids drunken drivers to handle their autos .
    • I forbid you to enter the dense* jungle because of the peril* that awaits you there.
  56. logical

    It is logical to spend a minimum* on needless things.
  57. logical
    reasonably expected

    • In order to keep your car running well, it is only logical that you lubricate* it regularly.
    • I used a logical argument to persuade* Lester to leave.
  58. exhibit

    A million-dollar microscope* is now on exhibit at our school.
  59. exhibit

    • The bride and groom exhibited their many expensive* gifts.
    • Kim frequently* exhibited her vast knowledge* of baseball before complete strangers.
  60. proceed
    go on after having stopped

    The senator proceeded to denounce* those wholesalers* who would deprive* Americans of their quota* of beef.
  61. proceed
    move forward

    • Only those with special cards can proceed into the pool area
    • When the actor was late, the show proceeded without him
  62. precaution
    measures taken beforehand

    • We must take every precaution not to pollute* the air.
    • Before igniting* the fire, the hunters took unusual precaution.
  63. precaution

    Detectives used precaution before entering the bomb's vicinity.*
  64. extract
    pull out or draw out, usually with some effort

    • Dr. Fogel extracted my tooth in an amateur* fashion.
    • Chemists extracted the essential* vitamins from the grain.
    • Spencer was ingenious* in extracting information from witnesses.
  65. prior
    coming before;

    • Prior to choosing his life's vocation,* Paul traveled to India.
    • Myrna was unhappy prior to meeting her beau.
  66. prior

    President Obama had prior service as a senator.
  67. embrace
    hug one another; a hug

    • After having been rivals* for years, the two men embraced.
    • When Ellen's spouse* approached,* she slipped out of Doug's embrace.
    • The young girl was bewildered* when the stranger embraced her.
  68. valiant
    brave; courageous

    • Robin Hood was valiant and faced his opponents* without fear.
    • The valiant paratroopers led the invasion.
    • Grandma joad had the ability* to be valiant when the need arose.
  69. partial
    not complete; not total

    • We made a partial listing of the urgently* needed supplies.
    • Macy's had a sale on a partial selection of its winter clothes.
    • Using only a partial amount of his great speed, jim surpassed* all the other runners.
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