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  1. suddently look or feel happier
    brighten up
  2. make somone start to feel happier
    cheer someone up
  3. to be very worried about something
    be hung up
  4. to be unable to control your feeling (and start to cry)
    break down
  5. "stop feeling angry
  6. become calmer
    cool down
  7. not allow yourself to show your true emotions
    bottle up (your emotions)
  8. make yourself feel very unhappy
    tear (yourself) apart
  9. feel more enthusiastic about an idea
    warm to
  10. about a situation when you like something more and more
    grow on (you)
  11. starting to like something
    be taking to
  12. become so exited that you can't control what you're doing
    get carried away
  13. eagerly accept a chance to do or have something
    jump at
  14. fell sorry for someone who is unhappy
    feel for
  15. (noun) feeling of embarrassement or fear about something; often quite wrong
  16. become calm after feeling upset or angry
    pull oneself together

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