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  1. fierce

    • One must take appropriate* precautions* when approaching* fierce dogs.
    • He took one look at his fierce opponent* and ran.
  2. fierce

    Barry was so fiercely angry that he thrust* his hand through the glass.
  3. detest
    dislike very much; hate

    • The world detests people who aren't valiant.* Wally was certain that his girlfriend's parents would detest him because he had been a delinquent.*
    • I detest Chinese food but I won't deprive* you of the chance to eat it.
  4. sneer
    show scorn or contempt by looks or words; a scornful look or remark

    • The journalists* were cautious* about sneering at the Secretary of Defense.
    • "Wipe that sneer off your face!" the dean told the delinquent.*
    • When offered a dime as a tip, the taxi driver sneered at his rider.
  5. scowl
    Look angry by lowering the eyebrows; frown

    • Laverne scowled at her mother when she was prohibited* from going out.
    • I dread* seeing my father scowl when he gets my report card.
    • Because of a defect* in  her vision,* it always appeared that Polly was scowling.
  6. encourage
    give courage to;

     We encouraged the coach to devise* a plan for beating jefferson High.
  7. encourage
    increase the confidence of

    • Some unstable* persons need to be encouraged to find a vocation.*
    • A valiant* person rarely* needs to be encouraged.
  8. consider
    think about in order to decide

    • jon considered whether a comprehensive* report was necessary.
    • Do you consider that dress to be a bargain at the wholesale* price?
    • The wrestler was always considered to be the underdog* in every match.
  9. vermin
    small animals that are troublesome or destructive; fleas, bedbugs, lice, rats, and mice are vermin

    • We should try to eliminate* all vermin from our house.
    • Some reptiles* eat vermin as their food.
    • Although vermin are not always visible,* they probably inhabit* every house in the city.
  10. wail
    cry loud and long because of grief or pain

    • When tragedy* struck, the old people began to wail.
    • In some countries the women are expected to wail loudly after their husbands die.
    • When the Yankees lost the World Series, there was much wailing in  New York.
  11. symbol
    something that stands for or represents something else

    • The statue outside the court building is considered* a symbol of justice.*
    • Symbols for God are prohibited* in their religion.
    • An olive branch is a symbol of peace.
  12. authority
    the right to command or enforce obedience; power delegated to another; an author or volume that may be appealed to in support of an action or belief

    • No one should have the authority to dictate our career choice.
    • Today a monarch* does not have the authority he once enjoyed. c.  The Supreme Court is entrusted with the authority to interpret our Constitution.
  13. neutral
    on neither side of a quarrel or war

    • It is logical* to remain neutral in a violent* argument between spouses.*
    • Switzerland was a neutral country in World War II.
    • Adolph did not reject* the idea but remained neutral about it.
  14. trifle
    a small amount; little bit; something of little value

    • I ate a trifle for dinner rather than a vast* meal.
    • Walter spends only a trifle of his time in studying French.
    • At our meetings Alex always raises trifling objections to any new plan.
  15. architect
    a person who makes plans for buildings and other structures; a maker; a creator

    • The famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, designed his buildings to blend* with their surroundings.
    • An architect must have a knowledge of the materials that will be used in  his structures.
    • General Eisenhower was the architect of victory over the Nazis in World War II.
  16. matrimony
    married life; ceremony of marriage

    • Though matrimony is a holy state, our local governments still collect a fee for the marriage license.
    • Because of lack of money, the sweetness of their matrimony turned sour.
    • Some bachelors* find it very difficult to give up their freedom for the blessings of matrimony.
  17. baggage
    the trunks and suitcases a person takes when he or she travels; an army's equipment

    • When Walt unpacked his baggage, he found he had forgotten his radio.
    • Mrs. Montez checked her baggage at the station and took the children for a walk.
    • The modern army cannot afford to be slowed up with heavy baggage.
  18. squander
    spend foolishly; waste

    • Do not squander your money by buying what you cannot use.
    • Because Freddy squandered his time watching television, he could not catch up on his homework.
    • In his will, Mr. Larson warned his children not to squander their inheritance.
  19. abroad
    • outside one's country; going around; far and wide
    • More people are going abroad for vacations. 
    • Is there any truth to the rumor abroad that school will be open all summer?
    •  The news of the president's illness spread abroad.
  20. fugitive
    a runaway

    • Paul was a fugitive from the slums, abandoned* by all his friends.
    • After escaping from prison, Tom led an unhappy life as a fugitive from the law.
    • The fugitives from the unsuccessful  revolution were captured.
  21. calamity
    a great misfortune; serious trouble

    • Failure in one test should not be regarded as a calamity.
    • The death of her husband was a calamity that left Mrs. Marlowe numb.*What is more dismal* than one calamity following upon the heels of another?
  22. pauper
    a very poor person

    • The fire that destroyed his factory made Mr. Bloomson a pauper.
    • The richest man is a pauper if he has no friends.
    • Since he was once a pauper himself, Max is willing to help the needy whenever he can.
  23. envy
    jealousy; the object of jealousy; to feel jealous

    • Marilyn's selection as Prom Queen made her the envy of every senior.
    • My parents taught me not to envy anyone else's wealth.
    • Our envy of Nora's skating ability is foolish because with practice all of us could do as well.
  24. collapse
    a breakdown; to fall in; break down; fail suddenly; fold together

    • A heavy flood caused the bridge to collapse.
    • His failure in chemistry meant the collapse of Bob's summer plans.
    • Collapse the trays and store them in the closet.
  25. prosecute
    bring before a court; follow up; carry on

    • Drunken drivers should be prosecuted.
    • The district attorney refused to prosecute the case for lack of evidence.
    • The general prosecuted the war with vigor.*
  26. bigamy
    having two wives or two husbands at the same time

    • Some people look upon bigamy as double trouble.
    • Mr. Winkle, looking at his wife, thought bigamy was one crime he would never be guilty of.
    • Some religious groups are in favor of bigamy even though it is against the law of the land.
  27. possible
    able to be, be done, or happen; able to be true; able to be done or chosen properly

    • Call me tomorrow evening if possible.
    • It is now possible for man to walk on the moon.
    • Considering* Melissa's weakness in writing, it is not possible for her to help you with your composition.
  28. compel
    force; get by force

    • It is not possible* to compel a person to love his fellow man.
    • Heavy floods compelled us to stop.
    • Mr. Gorlin is a teacher who does not have to compel me to behave.
  29. awkward
    clumsy; not well-suited to use; not easily managed; embarrassing

    • Sally is very awkward in speaking to the class but quite relaxed with her own group of friends.
    • The handle of this bulky* suitcase has an awkward shape.
    • Slow down because this is an awkward corner to turn.
  30. venture
    a daring undertaking; an attempt to make money by taking business risks; to dare; to expose to risk

    • Ulysses was a man who would not reject* any venture, no matter how dangerous.
    • John Jacob Astor made his fortune by a lucky venture in animal furs.
    • Medics venture their lives to save wounded soldiers.
  31. awesome
    causing or showing great fear, wonder, or respect

    • The towering mountains, covered with snow, are an awesome sight.
    • Connie had such an awesome amount of work to complete before graduation she doubted* she would have everything ready in time.
    • The atom bomb is an awesome achievement for mankind.
  32. guide
    a person who shows the way; to direct; to manage

    • Tourists often hire guides.
    • The Indian guided the hunters through the forest.
    • Use the suggestions in the handbook as a study guide.
  33. quench
    put an end to; drown or put out

    • Foam will quench an oil fire.
    • Only iced tea will quench my thirst on such a hot day.
    • He reads and reads and reads to quench his thirst for knowledge.
  34. betray
    give away to the enemy1; be unfaithful2; mislead3; show 4

    • Nick's awkward* motions betrayed4 his nervousness.
    • Without realizing what he was doing, the talkative soldier betrayed1 his unit's plans.
    • The child's eyes betrayed4 his fear of the fierce* dog.
  35. utter
    speak1; make known2; express3

    • When Violet accidentally stepped on the nail, she uttered3 a sharp cry of pain.
    • Seth was surprised when he was told that he had uttered1,2 Joan's name in  his sleep.
    • When Mr. Fuller saw that his house had not been damaged in the fire, he uttered3 a sigh of relief.*
  36. pacify
    make calm1; quiet down2; bring peace to 3

    • This toy should pacify2 that screaming baby. We tried to pacify1 the woman who was angry at having to wait so long in line.
    • Soldiers were sent to pacify3 the countryside.
  37. respond
    answer1; react 2

    • Greg responded1 quickly to the question.
    • My dog responds2 to every command I give him.
    • Mrs. Cole responded2 to the medicine so well that she was better in two days.
  38. beckon
    signal by a motion of the hand or head; attract

    • Jack beckoned to me to follow him.
    • The delicious smell of fresh bread beckoned the hungry boy.
    • The sea beckons us to adventure.
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