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  1. restrained
    to prevent furtner action
  2. sagacity
    acuteness or soundness of judgement
  3. supress
    to prevent from occurring
  4. tactful
    handling with respect; acting in a respectful way
  5. transient
    not lasting; temporary
  6. venerable
  7. haughty
    rudely overproud
  8. hypothesis
    a proposition set forth for the purpose of explaining a phenomenon
  9. impute
    to attribute or ascribe
  10. intrepid
    without fear
  11. ostentatious
    in an attempt to impress or attract attention
  12. parched
    dry, hot, or thirsty
  13. pretentious
    making an exaggerated show
  14. provocative
    tending to irritate or stimulate
  15. rancorous
    showing hatred or malice
  16. reconciliation
    the process of accepting the unwanted
  17. abscond
    to leave quickly oand secretly, often to avoid arrest or prosecution
  18. accost
    to approach with purpose OR to boldly confront
  19. connoisseur
    a person expecially adept in a specific field
  20. endeavor
    a strenuous effort or attempt OR the act of attempting
  21. explicit
    definite and unreserved in expression
  22. impunity
    exemption from punishment
  23. niche
    a hole or recess in a wall
  24. obstinate
    not easily controlled or overcome
  25. preclude
    to exclude from something
  26. recoil
    to draw back as if in alarm
  27. redress
    to set right what is wrong
  28. retribution
    something given or inflicted in such requital
  29. surmount
    to overcome
  30. amenity
    useful or pleasant facility or service
  31. condone
    to forgive or disregard; to ignore
  32. dank
    uncomfortably humid
  33. deplorable
    worthy of severe condemnation or reproach
  34. ennui
    dissatisfaction resulting in boredom
  35. Grotesque
    outlandish or bizarre in character or appearance
  36. indolent
    habitually lazy
  37. lacerated
    having been ripped, cut, or torn
  38. opaque
    impenetrable by light
  39. palpable
    capable of being handled or touched
  40. placed
    undisturbed by disorder or tumult
  41. sallow
    of a sickly yellowish complexion
  42. solicitous
    expressing care or concer
  43. scruple
    an uneasy feeling from the conscience that tends to hinder action
  44. uncanny
    peculiarly unsettling
  45. venerable
    commanding respect by virtue of age, position, dignity, or character
  46. zealous
    filled with motivation
  47. ab
    away, from, off
  48. acer, acid, acri
    bitter, sour, sharp
  49. ad
    to, toward
  50. ag, act
    to do, to act
  51. ambul
  52. anim
    mind, will, spirit
  53. aug, act
  54. cand
    white, glowing
  55. corp
  56. crypt
    secret, hidden
  57. culp
    fault, blame
  58. cur, curs
  59. dys
    bad, ill, difficult
  60. e, ex
    out, away, from
  61. err
    wander, stray, unusual
  62. escent
  63. ette
    small, female
  64. eu
    good, pleasant
  65. flu, fluc, flux
  66. fus
  67. gyn
  68. here, hes
  69. home
  70. ism
  71. ite
    follower of, believer
  72. lateral
  73. mand
    command, to order
  74. mania
    madness, insanity
  75. meta
  76. morph
  77. nym, nomen, anomato
  78. orth
    straight, correct
  79. psych
    mind, soul, mental
  80. pug
  81. retro
    backward, back
  82. sang
  83. scend
    go, climb
  84. se
  85. sept
  86. sin, sym, syn
    together, with
  87. solv, solu, solute
  88. spir
    breath, breathe
  89. strict, string
    draw tight
  90. tech
  91. thei
  92. tomy
  93. und
    wave, flow
  94. ver, vera, very
    truth, true
  95. verb
  96. voc, voke
    call, voice
  97. Abstinence
    The voluntary act of going without food, drink, or other pleasures
  98. Adulation
    Excessive or intense adoration
  99. Asylum
    • A place of rest or safety
    • An institution for the care of the mentally ill, aged, or poor
  100. Benevolent
    • Enjoying helping others
    • Warm or friendly personality
  101. Circuitous
    Being or taking a lengthy course; taking a lengthy alternative
  102. Clairvoyant
    Having the supposed power to see things that cannot be perceived by the senses
  103. Convergent
    Multiple paths or lines moving toward the same point
  104. Ephemeral
    • Having a finite limit
    • Lasting a short amount of time
  105. Exasperation
    A state of frustration or annoyance
  106. Fortuitous
    Happening by accident or chance
  107. SQ3R
    survey, question, read, recite, and review
  108. haughty
    rudely overproud
  109. hypothesis
    a proposition set forth for the purpose of explaining a phenomenon
  110. impute
    attribute or ascribe
  111. intrepid
    without fear
  112. ostentatious
    in an attempt to impress or attract attention
  113. parched
    dry, hot, or thirsty
  114. pretentious
    making an exaggerated show
  115. provocative
    tending to irritate or stimulate
  116. rancoruous
    showing hatred or malice
  117. reconciliation
    the process of accepting the unwanted
  118. restrained
    to prevent further action
  119. sagacity
    acuteness of soundness or judgement
  120. suppress
    to prevent from occurring
  121. tactful
    having respect
  122. transient
    not lasting
  123. venerable
  124. assuaged
    having been appeased, soothed, or calmed
  125. taciturn
    inclined to silence, reserved in speech, quiet
  126. entity
    anything that has a real existence
  127. malevolent
    wishing evil or harm to another or others
  128. predilection
    a tendency to think favorably of something in particular
  129. domiciled
    having been made to live in
  130. probate
    to establish the authenticity or validity of something
  131. nebulous
    hazy, vague, or indistinctive
  132. benign
    in a kind manner
  133. aberration
    in an unusual way
  134. auspicious
    favorable or opportune
  135. libel
    something inflammatory
  136. morphodite
    having male+female characteristics
  137. trausseau
    wedding dress
  138. plot
    the story line
  139. theme
    the author's point
  140. setting
    when and where the story occurs
  141. characterization
    description of a character
  142. direct characterization
    "he is"- author is obvious in descriptions
  143. indirect characterization
    opinions; the author describes a character through his or her actions
  144. climax
    turning point; the highest point of interest
  145. point of view
    the perspective from which a story is told
  146. satire
    the author ridicules human institutes and weaknesses to institute change and awareness
  147. simile
    a comparison using like or as
  148. static character
    a character who remains the same throughout the story
  149. protagonist
    main character
  150. stock character
    stereotypical character; British officers, jocks, detectives
  151. flat character
    one-sided simple personality
  152. resolution
    the conclusion of the story (final step in plot sequence)
  153. narrative hook
    author introduces conflict and catches reader's attention (second step in plot sequence)
  154. foreshadowing
    whenthe author gives hints or clues about what is to come
  155. setting
    when and where the story occurs
  156. conflict
    opposition between the protagonist and the antagonist
  157. irony
    when words are used to express something other than their usual meaning
  158. metaphor
    a comparison without like or as; a direct comparison
  159. personification
    the application of human characteristics to inanimate objects or animals
  160. dynamic character
    a character who changes throughout the story
  161. antagonist
    opposition to the protagonist, may or may not be a character
  162. round character
    a fully developed character who has many facets to his or her personality and is not completely 'good' or 'bad'
  163. exposition
    the introduction of a story; the first step in plot sequence
  164. allusion
    an indirect comparison to another piece of literature
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