Chapter 4

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  1. Obtaining Information
    Used to obtain a wide variety of information in QuickBooks that has already been entered through maintenance and processing information.
  2. Reports
    Used to view and print a wide variety of reports
  3. Obtaining Information
    4 main ways
    • Maintenance
    • List
    • Company Snapshot
    • Drill Down
  4. Maintenance
    Accessed starting from the home page, then through the various centers
  5. Lists
    accessed through Lists in the Menu Bar. Lists includes several category titles that can be accessed to obtain a wide variety of information
  6. Company Snapshot
    Access through the Icon Bar where a wide variety of detailed information and summaries can be accessed
  7. Drill Down
    Accessed by double-clicking on lines in a large number of lists and other records. Users can access detailed information about transactions and other records
  8. List-why helpful
    for information about recorded transaction or balances and need to determine whether information has been recorded correclty
  9. List-types
    • Vendors, customers, and employees and related transactions are accessed through Centers
    • Chart of accounts, and inventory items are accessed directly from the Home Page
  10. List-Vendor Center
    • Transaction Tab
    • List of options
    • Each options has Filter and Date to reorganize the list
  11. Hiding Information from View
    • done to avoid excessive information being displayed in the window
    • View in Menu bar-Customize Transaction List Colums
    • To remove changes- click default
  12. Snapshot
    provides access to much of the same information that is available in the various centers
  13. Drill down feature
    used to obtain addition information about a transaction, account, or other data in a list or report.
  14. Custom Transaction Detail Reports
    • Menu Bar
    • Reports
    • Custom Reports
    • Transaction Detail
    • Display and Filter Tabs
  15. Reports
    output of the accounting data and are typically all the information users see
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Obtaining information from QuickBooks, including reports
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