UE patterns

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  1. flexion goes with _ _ _
    • ER
    • supination
    • radial dev
  2. extension goes with _ _ _
    • IR
    • pronation
    • ulnar dev
  3. when is it wrist flex vs ext?
    • flexion in add
    • extension in abd
  4. when does scap go where?
    • post elev: flex/abd
    • post dep: ext/abd
    • ant elev: flex/add
    • ant dep: ext/add
  5. flex/abd hand pos (for all 3)
    • proximal: using same hand as pt's exercising hand, grab near biceps
    • distal: lumbrical grip on dorsum, fingers on radial side, thumb on ulnar side
  6. ext/add hand pos 
    straight arm and w elbow ext
    w elbow flex
    • prox: hand opp. to pt's exercising arm, grab medial arm
    • distal: split finger grip around thumb

    • prox: same as pt's exercising arm, lumbrical grip on sup medial arm
    • distal: split grip around thumb
    • (piano hands?)
  7. flex/add hand pos (for all 3)
    • prox: same as pt's exercising arm, go under the arm and use lumbrical grip around med epicondyle
    • distal: walk on beach hand
  8. for which patterns start facing away from diag?
    • flex/add 
    • for ext/abd start with hips perpendic to diag, then turn to face it
  9. ext abd hand pos
    • prox: "cradle the baby", hand opp to pt's exercising arm, 
    • distal: lumbrical grip on dorsum, with 4 and 5 on ulnar side

    for elbow flex, stand above pt's head on opp side of exercising arm
  10. for flexion patterns, which hand goes distal?
    the one opp to the the pt's exercising hand (walk on beach)

    it's the opposite in ext except for ext/add w elbow flex
  11. how to know if you have a palmar or dorsal hold?
    for abd go dorsal, for add go palmar
  12. supination gives what hand deviation?
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