AS Chemistry

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  1. Are alkanes saturated or unsaturated hydrocarbons?
    Saturated hydrocarbons.
  2. What is petroleum?
    A mixture consisting mainly of alkane hydrocarbons.
  3. Describe fractional distillation.
    The different fractions are drawn off at different levels in a fractioning column because of the temperature gradient.
  4. What is catalytic cracking?
    Catalytic cracking takes place at a slight pressure, high temperature, and in the presence of a zeolite catalyst and is used mainly to produce motor fuels and aromatic hydrocarbons.
  5. How are NO, CO and unburnt hydrocarbons removed?
    By using catalytic converters.
  6. What is used to remove sulphur dioxide from flue gases?
    Calcium oxide.
  7. What does the combustion of hydrocarbons containing sulphur lead to?
    Sulphur dioxide which leads to air pollution.
  8. What are greenhouse gases?
    Gases that contribute to global warming; CO2, water vapour and methane.
  9. What does the combustion of fossil fuels release into the atmosphere?
    Carbon dioxide.
  10. What does complete combustion produce?
    Carbon dioxide and water.
  11. What does incomplete combustion produce?
    Carbon monoxide and water.
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