AS Chemistry

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  1. State the Ideal Gas Equation and give the units for each of the separate values.
    • PV = nRT
    • P = Pressure = Pascals (Pa)
    • V = Volume = m3
    • T = Temperature = Kelvin (K) 
    • n = moles (mol) 
    • R = 8.31 
  2. What is the value of R in the ideal gas equation?
  3. What is the definition of the term "Relative Atomic Mass" ?
    The ratio of the average mass of an element relative to 1/12th the mass of a Carbon-12 atom.
  4. Define Avogadro's constant.

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    The number of C12 atoms in exactly 12 grams of Carbon-12 (the number of particles in 1 mole of a substance)
  5. What is the definition of a mole?

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    The amount of a substance which contains the same number of "entities" as there are of C12 in 12 grammes of that isotope (Avogadro's Number of Particles according to the definition sheet)
  6. Give definitions for both Empirical Formula and Molecular Formula
    • Empirical Formula is the simplest ratio of atoms
    • Molecular Formula is the actual number of atoms
  7. What is the equation for % atom economy?
    % atom economy = Image Upload
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