vocabulary workshop level g unit 6

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  1. abject
    adj. degraded; base, contemptible; cringing, servile; complete and unrelieved
  2. abject
    wretched, miserable, ignoble, sheer, utter (syn.)
  3. abject
    noble, exalted (ant.)
  4. agnostic
    n. one who believes that nothing can be known about God; a skeptic
  5. agnostic
    adj. without faith, skeptical
  6. agnostic
    n. doubter (syn.)
  7. agnostic
    n. believer (ant.)
  8. complicity
    n. involvement in wrong doing; the state of being an accomplice
  9. complicity
    connivance, collusion (syn.)
  10. complicity
    noninvolvement, innocence (ant.)
  11. derelict
    n. someone or something that is abandoned or neglected
  12. derelict
    adj. left abandoned; neglectful of duty
  13. derelict
    vagrant; delinquent (syn.)
  14. derelict
    punctilious, conscientious, scrupulous (ant.)
  15. diatribe
    n. a bitter and prolonged verbal attack
  16. diatribe
    harangue, tirade (syn.)
  17. diatribe
    panegyric, encomium, eulogy (ant.)
  18. effigy
    n. a crude image of a despised person
  19. effigy
    figure, figurine (syn.)
  20. equity
    n. the state or quality of being just, fair, or impartial; fair and equal treatment; something that is fair; the money value of a property above and beyond any mortgage or other claim
  21. equity
    justice, fairness, impartiality (syn.)
  22. equity
    unfairness, bias, prejudice (ant.)
  23. inane
    adj. silly, empty of meaning or value
  24. inane
    idiotic, moronic, fatuous (syn.)
  25. inane
    sensible, meaningful, profound (ant.)
  26. indictment
    n. the act of accusing; a formal accusation
  27. indictment
    charge, accusation (syn.)
  28. indubitable
    adj. certain, not to be doubted or denied
  29. indubitable
    unquestionable, indisputable (syn.)
  30. indubitable
    questionable, debatable, dubious (ant.)
  31. intermittent
    adj. stopping and beginning again, sporadic
  32. intermittent
    fitful, spasmodic, random (syn.)
  33. intermittent
    uninterrupted (ant.)
  34. moot
    adj. open to discussion and debate, unresolved
  35. moot
    v. to bring up for discussion
  36. moot
    n. a hypothetical law case argued by students
  37. moot
    debatable, questionable; broach (syn.)
  38. moot
    undebatable, indisputable, self-evident (ant.)
  39. motif
    n. a principal idea, feature, theme, or element; a repeated or dominant figure in a design
  40. neophyte
    n. a new convert, beginner, novice
  41. neophyte
    tenderfoot, tyro (syn.)
  42. neophyte
    veteran, past master, expert, pro (ant.)
  43. perspicacity
    n. keenness in observing and understanding
  44. perspicacity
    acumen, discernment (syn.)
  45. perspicacity
    dullness, obtuseness (ant.)
  46. plenary
    adj. complete in all aspects or essentials; absolute; attended by all qualified members
  47. plenary
    unrestricted (syn.)
  48. plenary
    limited, restricted, incomplete (ant.)
  49. surveillance
    n. a watch kept over a person; careful, close, and disciplined observation
  50. surveillance
    observation, monitoring (syn.)
  51. sylvan
    adj. pertaining to a or characteristic of forests; living or located in a forest; wooded, woody
  52. sylvan
    arcadian (syn.)
  53. testy
    adj. easily irritated; characterized by impatience and exasperation
  54. testy
    irritable, peevish, waspish, petulant (syn.)
  55. testy
    imperturbable, unexcitable (ant.)
  56. travesty
    n. a grotesque or grossly inferior imitation; a disguise, especially the clothing of the opposite sex
  57. travesty
    v. to ridicule by imitation in a broad or burlesque fashion
  58. travesty
    burlesque, caricature, farce (syn.)
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