Hist Final Exam 7

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  1. Harvard scientist, dropout introduced LSD- a new freedom to expand your consciousness; 1967: Human Be- In in San Francisco- 20,000 urged to "turn on, tune in, drop out."
    Timothy Leary
  2. Group of American who didn't protest; compliant with the gov.; Aterm used by Nixon to indicate his belief that the great body of  Americans supported his polices and that those who demonstrated against the involvement  of the united states in the Vietnam war amounted to only noisy minority
    Silent majority
  3. Withdraw American troops by shifting burden of fighting to South Vietnam's army (ARVN)
  4. 57 satellite Russians brought into space; prompted "race for space"
  5. In Europe- Free west vs. Communist east
    Iron Curtain
  6. Peaceful Coexistence (Nixon)
  7. June 17, 1972; Break in of DNC headquarters at  ____ complex; 5 men- "plumbers" arrested while attempting to photograph documents and placing bug device in offices
  8. American and british sent food and supplies to Berliners
    Berlin Airlift
  9. 1971-1972; American table tennis players go to China 1 year, then to U.S.; Way to provide diplomacy among 2 countries ( built relationships among the two); bridged ago between the two
    Ping Pong Diplomacy
  10. 5/4/70; 66 bullets in 13 seconds by Ohio National Guard; 12:25 pm; 4 dead: Allison Krause, Jeff Miller, Sandy Scheuler and William Schroeder; 9 other wounded; Marry Ann Vecchio- 14 year old protestor runaway from FL
    Kent State shootings
  11. 5/15/70; Enrollment 4,300; Opposed to war, racism in MS, tensions with residents there; Philip Gibbs- 21 year pre law, James Earl Green-17 year old track athlete; 12 others wounded
    Jackson State shootings
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