Chem230 exam 4 (part 3)

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  1. number of amino acids
  2. contain a carboxylic group and an amino group on the alpha carbon
    amino acids
  3. an ionized amino acid that has a positive and negative charge is a dipolar ion called a
  4. the pH point at which there is not net charge on the zwitterions is called
    • isoelectric point
    • (-) = (+)
  5. is sterioisomers of amino acids the most oxidized is found?
    at the top
  6. amino acids are classified as?
    • polar
    • nonpolar
  7. nonpolar amino acids do not usually have
  8. polar amino acids always have?
    OH so hydrogen bonds can occur
  9. an acidic amino acid has what type of side chain?
    acidic side chain
  10. a basic amino acid has what type of side chain?
  11. 10 essential amino acids?
    • arginine
    • histidine
    • isoleucine
    • leucine
    • lysine
    • methionine
    • phenylanine
    • threonine
    • tryptophan
    • valine
  12. how to form a peptide bond?
    get rid of water
  13. amide bond aka
    peptide bond
  14. n terminal? c terminal?
    • left
    • right
  15. peptides get what added to name?
  16. particular sequence of amino acids
    primary structure of protein
  17. a 3D spatial arrangement of amino acids in a polypeptide chain
    secondary structure of an alpha helix
  18. consists of polypeptide chains arranged side by side
    secondary structure of a beta pleated sheet
  19. three polypeptide chains woven together
    secondary structure of a triple helix
  20. polypeptide chains held side by side by H bonds
    beta pleated sheet
  21. sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide chain
  22. corkscrew shape with H bonds between amino acids
    alpha helix
  23. three peptide chains woven like a rope
    triple helix
  24. overall 3D shape
    tertiary structure protein
  25. has interactions between R groups
  26. combo of two or more protein units
    quaternary structure
  27. level of protein structure of beta pleated sheet
  28. level of protein structure of order of amino acids in a protein
  29. level of protein structure of a protein with two or more peptide chains
  30. level of protein structure of the shape of a globular protein
  31. level of protein structure of disulfide bonds between R groups
  32. disrupts bonds by breaking up attractive forces
  33. causes the denaturation of protein?
    acid and heat
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