Social Work Definitions Pt.2

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  1. comprehensiveness
    one of the give principles of medicare in Canada; each province plan's must cover all medically necessary services
  2. Compassion Fatigue
    the anxiety resulting from dealing with emotionally difficult cases under increased workplace pressure and increased workloads
  3. Child Abuse
    physical, psychological, social, emotional or sexual maltreatment of a child whereby the survival, safety, self esteem or growth of the person is endangered
  4. Community Capacity Building
    an approach to community work which builds upon the strengths & assets of a community rather than focusing on the community's needs
  5. Community
    a group of people who share either a geographic space, an identity or an interest
  6. Cognitive Theories
    in group context ; theories that argue when people change their thinking or their ideas , other changes will follow
  7. Cueing
    a skill specific to group work, in which a facilitator invites silent, non participating or dominated members to engage
  8. Disengagement Theory
    An early prominent theory within social practice with the elderly maintaining that withdrawing from actives & social life is a natural part of the aging process
  9. Discrimination
    the unequal treatment of individuals on the basis of their personal characteristics
  10. Disk List System
    government sponsored identity program for Inuit
  11. Differentiated Response
    An approach to child protection that enables a new flexible intake & assessment model
  12. Elder Abuse
    the abuse and neglect of seniors by those in position of trust, power or responsibility for their care
  13. Ethnocentrism
    an attitude that one's own culture, society or group is inherently superior to all others
  14. Ethnic Group
    a group of persons who share a common heritage, identity or origin
  15. Ethnicity
    refers to a category of people who share a common heritage, identity or origin
  16. Equal Pay Policies
    Policies that ensure equal pay for equal work
  17. Early Childhood Education
    refers to federal , publicly funded programs fo children
  18. Educational Groups
    groups with a primary focus on education that may also have a strong support aspect
  19. Group Work
    social work method that involves assisting a collection of people who are dealing with a similar problem or issue
  20. Gender Equality
    belief that women and men should live in an environment that affords them equal opportunities to realize full human rights
  21. Home Care
    health care services delivery provided in one's home rather than in hospitals
  22. healing lodges
    lodges that provide residential treatment or both treatment and lodging for people who become overwhelmed by social, emotional & spiritual problems
  23. Holistic approach to healing
    involves examining the whole of the person and their situation before acting or pursuing treatment
  24. HIV/AIDS
    sexually transmitted & blood borne retrovirus that undermines a person's immune system
  25. harm reduction approach
    an approach to addictions treatment that seeks to minimize/reduce the adverse consequences of drug use
  26. hall report
    report completed 1964 that highlighted the fact that many Canadians do not have health care coverage
  27. Health Gap
    growing difference between the rich & poor in terms of health & well being
  28. Institutional Abuse
    abuse that occurs in health & extended care facilities for seniors & other vulnerable populations
  29. Immigration Policy
    legislation & supporting policies that dictate who may enter, live & work in Canada
  30. Indian Agent
    government agent who administered the Indian Act, inferring in virtually every aspect of Indian Life
  31. Indian Act of 1876
    Legislation that provides the government of Canada with legal framework of authority and Indians & lands reserved for Indians
  32. In-Home Services
    provided to help a household or family members live together harmoniously in a secure and safe environment
  33. Kinship Care
    approach to child protection that aims to keep children with immediate & extended family members
  34. LGBTTQ
    used to identify the diverse community which includes lesbians, gay, bisexuals, transgender, transsexual and queer
  35. Locality Development
    approach to community development that organizes around issues that are relevant to a particular neighborhood or geographic space
  36. Life Course Theory
    theory of aging suggest that individuals progress through a variety of distinct stages over the course of their lives
  37. Land Cession Treaties
    between Aboriginal & British colonial ; that gave control of land occupied by Aboriginals to British and formed the reserve program
  38. Learning Theory
    theory of domestic violence that argues that violence is a behavior learned in childhood
  39. Multiculturalism
    social preservation,recognition & celebration of racial, ethnic, cultural & religious diversity
  40. Maternal Feminist
    those who argue that because of a women's roles as a mother and homemakers, she has an obligation and a right to participate in the public sphere
  41. Mental Illness
    general term referring to psychological, emotional or behavior disorders as well to the view that these disorders are diseases of the mind
  42. Out of Home Services
    implemented when the home situation becomes unsuitable for the upbringing of a child
  43. Palliative Care
    health care that is provided to individuals who are living with a terminal illness
  44. Prejudice
    an adverse opinion that "prejudges" entire groups based on incomplete/inaccurate information
  45. Power Theory
    feminist based theory explaining that wife abuse is a societal problem that occurs because of the power imbalance between men and women
  46. Patriarchy
    "rule by the father" ; domination of men in society
  47. Privitization
    the use of the private sector to provide social welfare services, often in addition to or instead of existing public services
  48. Portability
    one of the 5 principles of medicare ; allows residents moving to another province to be covered for insured health services by the home province
  49. Public Administration
    one of the 5 principles of medicare ; each province must provide a health insurance plan that is administered & operated on a non-profit basis by a public authority
  50. Participatory Action Research
    type of community work that involves members in a research process comprised of education, investigation & action direct at changing the structures that promote inequality
  51. Praxis
    process of reflection and action integral to Freirian approach to community work
  52. Role Theory
    theory maintains that people define & adopt roles
  53. Racism
    individual & institutional beliefs & practices that advocate that some races are inferior to others
  54. Race
    arbitrary classification of human beings based on skin colour & other superficial physical characteristics
  55. Royal Commission to Aboriginal People
    called by the federal government of 1991 to examine the status of Aboriginal People in Canada
  56. Risk Assessment
    area of child protection, refers to an educated prediction regarding the likelihood that a child will be maltreated based on a careful examination of pertinent data
  57. Sterotype
    set of beliefs or perceptions of groups of people, or ideas held by a group of people
  58. Suffragette Movement
    term applied to late 19th century campaigns run by women for the right to vote
  59. Scrip System
    early 20th century, the Metis in western Canada could seek to become status Indians by aligning themselves to certain treaty areas
  60. Sexism
    similar to the dynamics of racism, the indviidual & institutional belief that men are superior to women
  61. Social Action
    an activist approach to community work which often uses public confrontation & social protest to challenge what are seen as injustices
  62. Social Planning
    expert driven approach to community work often found in social planning councils & city planning departments
  63. Social Empathy
    making connections between personal troubles and structural issues ; connecting to larger context
  64. Social Action Groups
    groups that focus on broad social issues & are often inspired by personal experience
  65. Support/Therapeutic Groups
    groups here the primary purpose is supporting people dealing with specific problems
  66. Self Help Groups
    groups that do not have a professional facilitator and may be either leaderless, or have a rotating leader
  67. Task Groups
    groups that have a particular established task to complete
  68. visible minority
    refers to individuals who can be visibly identified and perceived as belonging to a minority group
  69. universality
    one of the 5 principles of medicare ; requires that 100% of insured persons of a province be entitles to insurance on uniform terms & conditions
  70. universal child care program
    aims to provide high-quality, affordable childhood education and care to all families
  71. Heterosexual Privilege
    comfort & power accorded to people who are in or are expected to be in a relationship with a person of a different sex & who conform to dominant gender norms
  72. Sex
    is what doctors attribute to babies based largely on the size of their genitals
  73. Gender
    the sense we have of ourselves as male, female or transgendered
  74. Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia
    the fear & hatred of gay men, lesbians , bisexuals and transgendered persons
  75. heterosexism
    describes beliefs and actions that denigrate & stigmatize any non heterosexual forms of behaviour, identity, relationship
  76. Sexual Orientation
    dominant emotion, romantic, sexual or affectional attraction to another person
  77. Transgendered
    inclusive of people who identify as bigender, gender benders etc. experiences dimorphic absolutes
  78. Transsexuals
    people whose gender identity is at odds with their physical sex
  79. Sexology
    systematic study of human sexual behaviour
  80. Stonewall Rebellion
    series of riots instigated by New York city's gay & lesbian communities in response to a police raid at a gay bar
  81. Social Welfare Model
    based on the notion that basic welfare services should be developed in all countries to meet basic human needs
  82. Social Development Model
    social workers who hold to this approach seek primarily to address the immediate causes of human degradation
  83. Intersexuals
    individuals whose external sex are indeterminate ; both sexes
  84. Kinsey Report
    1948 report ; documented men;s sexual habits & behaviors
  85. Independent living movement
    argues that persons w/ disabilities should be in control of their lives & how they chose to live
  86. Participation & Activity Limitation Survey
    report conducted by the Canadian federal government that detailed the prevalence of disabilities
  87. Person w/ disabilities
    term used describes how a person whose psychical or mental conditions limits their ability to perform certain functions
  88. Political rights model
    based on the "social oppression" theory of disability ; primarily concerned w/ the broader social & political change
  89. Publicly funded disability programs
    programs covered by federal,provincial & municipal legislation for the disabled
  90. Privately funded Disability programs
    programs that are provided through job benefits or private insurance plans for the disabled
  91. Positive Rights
    economic, social & cultural rights that ensure justice, freedom & social participation
  92. Participatory Action Reasearch
    type of community work that involves members in a reassure process comprised of education , investigation and action direct at the changing the structures that promote inequality
  93. Queer Activism
    efforts & actions towards social change by LGBTTQ communities
  94. Negative rights
    Civil & political rights that ensure the protection of basic human rights
  95. New World Order Model
    approach to international social work argues that the present world order is not democratic
  96. Digital Divide
    divide between the have and have not populations based on lack of access to advanced communication technology
  97. Electronic Advocacy
    process of using communication and information technologies to disseminate information & mobilize support from a large consistency to help influence decision-making support
  98. Coming Out
    making one's LGBTTQ identity public to family, friends etc
  99. Collective Rights
    rights ensuring equitable participation by everyone in a society in the production & distribution of wealth & resources
  100. Bisexual
    romantic attraction to both sexes
  101. Disability
    any restriction or lack of ability to perform an activity within the range considered normal for a human being
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