Political Parties

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  1. VO Key: Trinitarian View of parties
    • EGO
    • parties in electorate
    • parties in government
    • parties in organization
  2. Parties as organizations
    • includes the system of central committees at national, state, local levels¬†
    • electioneeering
    • nominates candidates, registers voters, mobilize voters
  3. parties in government
    • includes elected candidates
    • implements party objectives, policy administration
  4. parties in electorate
    • includes ordinary citizens who identify themselves with political parties
    • party identification
    • social cleavages
  5. social cleavages
    division of voters into social groups
  6. criteria Responsible Party Model
    • clear choice of ideologies
    • candidates pledged to ideas
    • party held accountable by voters
    • party controls over members
  7. What is the Responsible Party Model?
    each party has a very clear and coherent platform of issues and when voters vote for a party they are well informed.
  8. Candidate centered elections
    Elections in the USA, tend to be more candidate centered rather than ideological. Candidates are subjected to the voters and most closely follow through with their platform
  9. party base
    the loyal voters, who consistently vote for their party candidates
  10. party activist
    • "Party faithful"
    • those who carry out the electioneering efforts
    • They are considered the most extreme voters
  11. party polarization
    Parties have become more homogeneous in their platform, excluding a majority of voter who are moderate.
  12. party realignment
    • long term shift in party allegiance to the other party
    • ex) The Solid South - shifting from Democrat to Republican
  13. Partisanship is also seen as a
    "Perpetual Screen"
  14. party dealignment
    trend among voters to identify themselves as moderate or independents rather than identifying with a party.
  15. what is a political party
    a group of citizens untied by an ideology seeking control of government in order to promote their ideas and policies
  16. what is meant by "perpetual screen"?
    we live in an environment where we are constantly influenced by the ideals and political culture of others that could potentially stray us away from reality
  17. Why are parties getting stronger?
    parties have an increasing power over the electioneering process due to more funding. Also Partisanship has a greater affect in strengthening the party as well
  18. Why are parties getting weaker?
    • dealignment: less people are choosing to align with political parties, thus may not vote for them.
    • Social Cleavages are evolving: people are able to mobilize past their social cleavages which in turn decreases party identification. Relates to dealignment
  19. what is a jungle primary and where is it practiced?
    • all candidates of every party are in the running, the top 2 ¬†are then voted on from the jungle primary in the general primary, which then moves on to the general elections
    • also known as "All of Nothing"
    • Practiced in CA
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