Astronomy Unit Four Quiz 36-38

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  1. Interstellar magnetic field influence can be measured ___________.
    Beyond the Heliopause
  2. Scattered Disk Object (SDOs) actually form ________.
    As part of the centaurs and their orbits "pumped up" to their current locations
  3. Both Voyager 1 and 2 have solar orbit shapes that are ________.
  4. The pluto dwarf planet system has _________.
    5 moons
  5. As of Aug 2012, ________ is calculated to have "left" the solar system and is now in interstellar space.
    Voyager 1
  6. The most influential parameter in the Drake equation is ________.
    The amount of time an intelligent civilization will exist
  7. The Drake equation must produce a result of __________.
    At least one
  8. In addition to stating the Drake equation, France Drake is also famous for __________.
    Founding SETI with Carl Sagan
  9. The Drake Equation Predicts ___________.
    The number of intelligent civilizations in the milky way
  10. There are different ways to write the Drake Equation, but in its simplest form it has _________ parameters.
  11. During the 1990s and 2000s, the most successful techniques of discovery used for Exp-planets is biased towards discovering ___________.
    Massive planets with small semi-major axis values
  12. NASA's Kepler satellite is designed to search for exo-planets using what technique?
    Kepler uses the exo-planet transit technique
  13. ________ had been thought to be a poor host for exoplanets, but recent discoveries have disproved this.
    Multiple stars
  14. What is most interesting about Gilese 581d?
    It has been discounted as an exo-planet
  15. The number of planets that form around a star seems to be related to the amount of _________ found in the star.
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