BV 15 - EOM surgery

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  1. Three types of muscle weakening surgeries?
    • recession
    • myectomy
    • tenotomy
    • tenectomy
  2. Three types of muscle strengthening surgeries?
    • resection
    • tucking
    • advancement
  3. What is recession surgery?
    • weakening- slackening of muscle
    • insertion of muscle is moved to point closer to its point of origin in same plane
  4. What is myectomy surgery?
    • weakening
    • reduces action of muscle by reducing number of contractile element
    • making cuts into the muscle
  5. What is tenotomy/tenectomy surgery?
    • weakening
    • tenotomy- tendon is cut
    • tenectomy- part of the tendon is excised
    • SO muscle
  6. Pilocarpine?
    • parsympathomimetic: miotic, increases accom
    • use: ST with low AC/A
    • side effects: iris cysts, transient myopia, HA
  7. What is resection surgery?
    • shortens muscle length by excising part of muscle
    • excessive can limit movement of globe in opp direction
  8. tucking surgery?
    • portion of muscle is folded- decreasing length
    • SO
  9. ADvancement surgery?
    insertion of muscle is move closer to the limbus away from point of origin in the same plane
  10. Transposition surgery?
    • moving insertion of muscle to change its primary/2ndy action
    • A or V syndromes
    • cyclotropias
  11. What are some surgical complications?
    • hb
    • loss of muscle
    • perforation of globe
    • scleral wound
  12. What are some anaesthesia complications?
    • cardiac arrest
    • hyperthermia
    • bradycardia
  13. Post op complications?
    • minor conj redness
    • chronic inflamm of conj
    • excessive scar tissue
    • granuloma on muscle
    • corneal dellen
    • enophthalmos
    • suture reactions
    • diplopia
    • consecutive strab
  14. Botox?
    • blocks release of ACh
    • sx: inject into ipsi ant to weaken and lengthen muscle to prevent contracture
    • ST: MR
    • XT: LR

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