Instructional Control

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  1. What does having instructional control mean?
    • - Child will willingly go to the learning area
    • - Child will willingly sit and engage in instruction
    • - Child will wait to begin
    • - Child will attend
    • - Child will return materials upon request
    • - Child will follow directions
    • - Child is willing to transition to next task
  2. What are some positive ways to gain instructional control?
    • - When a child attempts to escape place complete restriction on all sources of reinforcement
    • - Only give SD when the child shows interest in responding
    • - During escape all other behaviors are ignored - Reinforce behaviors over task completion
  3. Name 5 of the 8 steps to gaining instructional control:
    • 1. Structured environment
    • 2. Show the child that you are in control of all reinforcement 
    • 3. Show the child you are fun
    • 4. Establish reinforcement that is contingent
    • 5. Initially give simple, easy, directions to  follow
    • 6. Give consistent reinforcement
    • 7. Know priorities, "Ready to Learn Behaviors"
    • 8. Show the child that if they misbehave they will get little reinforcement.  Give mini consequences and create consequences that get worse.
  4. What is a structured environment?
    • 1. Set schedule with no time
    • 2. Structured systematic curriculum 
    • 3. Activities are well planed, materials are ready to go
  5. How do you make reinforcement contingent?
    • - Tell the child what they are be reinforced for (nice looking)
    • - Present the reinforcer immediately after the behavior
    • - Consistently link behavior and reinforcement over time
  6. What factors are important when assessing effort vs payoff?
    - Working hard to the receive the reinforcement must be more fun then doing nothing

    - If work is to hard or dull then the work isn't worth the effort

    - If the reinforcement is too little or too slow the payoff might not be worth it

    - If work is fast paced, appropriately challenging and interesting then the student will be willing to participate
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