Bio 182

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  1. Anterior
    Towards the front or head end of the body
  2. Posterior
    Towards the rear or tail end of the body
  3. Dorsal (dorsum)
    The back or top part of the body
  4. Ventral
    Belly or lower part of the body
  5. Cranial
    towards the cranium or head
  6. Caudal
    Towards the tail
  7. Lateral
    Sides of the organism
  8. Proximal
    Refers to the part of the appendage or any structure that is closer to the body's midline. 

    The knee is proximal relative to the foot.
  9. Distal
    Refers to the part of an appendage or any structure that is more distant from the body's midline. 

    The foot is distal relative to the knee.
  10. Superficial
    At the surface of a structure. 

    The skin is superficial to the muscles.
  11. Deep
    More removed from the body's surface. 

    The muscles are deep relative to the skin.
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