3M 1.4

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  1. What is a 1.4 event?
    PMS Assessment
  2. How many days is a 1.4 event?
    3 day event
  3. What is accomplished during 1.4 (PMS assessment) event?
    • Complete once a FRP
    • Commands must attain a PMS Assessment score (Command Total Score) of 85% or higher
  4. What is CTS is comprised of?
    • Accomplishment Confidence Factor (ACF) 70% of CTS,
    • CSMP Accuracy Verification (CAV) 20% of CTS,
    • Record accomplishment Rate (RAR) 10% of CTS
  5. When is the command LOK exams must be achieved?
    By the completion of Certification event
  6. What is the passing grade for the LOK exams?
  7. What is Accomplishment Confidence Factor (ACF) consist of?
    Spot checks selected from previous 13 weeks of completed maintenance
  8. What percentage of CTS is the Accomplishment Confidence Factor (ACF)?
  9. How are the spot checks categorized?
    • 5% Historical spot checks will be conducted as Maintenance Validations,
    • SKED 3.1: 2% of regular checks and 1% of situational checks
    • SKED 3.2: 1% of regular checks and .5% of situational checks
  10. Every workcenter will receive what minimum spot checks?
    At least 1 regular and 1 situational spot check

    • What happens if a workcenter is assessed as having omitted more than 20% of its required maintenance (including situational checks)?
    • Will be scored as a zero for ACF
  11. What is a CAV?
    • CSMP Accuracy Validation
    • A determination of CSMP accuracy compared to actual material condition
  12. What percentage of CTS is the CSMP Accuracy Validation (CAV)?
  13. What happens to the material deficiencies found during PMS spot check or noted by the assessor during space walkthrough?
    It will be compared to CSMP for proper documentation
  14. What is the calculation for CAV?
    Calculated as percentage of material deficiencies noted which are properly documented
  15. How many space walkthrough is required?
    At least 1 space per work center
  16. What is an RAR?
    Evaluate periodic and situational maintenance effectiveness over previous 13 weeks
  17. What percentage of CTS is the RAR?
  18. What is the exit criteria for 1.4?
    CTS must be at least 85%
  19. What happens if the shipÂ’s CTS is below 85%?
    Unit will require PMS reassessment by ATG
  20. What happens of any department is below 85%?
    ATG will reassess entire department
  21. What does the reassessment may occur?
    • After ISIC verifies remediation
    • Will normally occur 4-6 months after certification failure
    • The reassessment may occur earlier/later with endorsement by ISIC and approved by TYCOM
  22. What is the calculation for Command Total Score (CTS)?
    CTS = (0.7 x ACF) + (0.2 x CAV) + (0.1 x RAR)
  23. What is the calculation for ACF?
    Will be an average of ACF scores
  24. What is the calculation for CAV?
    Will be an average of CAV scores
  25. What is the calculation for RAR?
    Will be an average of RAR scores
  26. What is the calculation for Departmental DTS, ACF, CAV, and RAR?
    Same at the CTS but only within the department
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