Pharmacology Chapter 1 Terms

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  1. Alternative Medicine
    Use of herbs, dietary supplements, and homeopathic remedies rather than pharmaceuticals
  2. Apothecary
    Forerunner of the modern pharmacists; the name also refers to the shop
  3. Biopharmaceutical
    a drug produced by recombinant DNA technology
  4. Black Box Warning
    information printed on a drug package to alert prescribers to potential problems with the drug
  5. Brand Name
    the name under which the manufacturer markets a drug; also known as the trade name or proprietary name
  6. Chemical Name
    A name that describes a drug's chemical composition in detail
  7. Clinical Trial
    drug testing on humans, used to determine drug safety and efficay
  8. Double Blind Study
    a clinical trial in which neither the trial participants nor the study staff know whether a particular participant is in the control group or the experimental group.
  9. Drug
    a medicinal substance or remedy used to change the way a living organism functions; also called medication
  10. Generic Name
    A name that identifies a drug independently of its manufacturer; sometimes denotes a drug that is not protected by a trademark; also referred to as a USAN (United States Adopted Name)
  11. Homeopathy
    a system of therapeutics in which diseases are treated by administering minute doses of drugs that, in healthy patients, are capable of producing symptoms like those of the disease being treated
  12. Legend Drug
    a drug that may be sold only by prescription and must be labeled "Caution: Federal law prohibits dispensing without prescription" or "Rx only"
  13. Pharmacognosy
    The study and identification of natural sources of drugs
  14. Pharmacologic Effect
    the action of a drug on a living system
  15. Pharmacology
    the science of drugs and their interactions with systems of living animals
  16. Pharmacopoeia
    an offical listing of medicinal preparations
  17. Pharmakon
    a Greek word meaning a magic spell, remedy, or poison that was used in early records to represent the concept of a drug
  18. Placebo
    an inactive substance with no treatment value
  19. Prophylactic Drug
    a drug that prevents or decreases the severity of a disease
  20. Therapeutic Drug
    a drug that relieves symptoms of a disease
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