States and Foreign Policy - IR

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  1. Defintion of FP policy
    Hill: The sum of official external reactions by an independent actor (usually a state)

    A state's external reactions can include non-official or governmental interactions eg MNC

    but state centric! does not include perspectives of other actors yet they have a stake in IR
  2. Allison - OPM
    Organizational Process Model

    looks at organizational context of governement, includings SOPs and administrative rules that a bureaucracy follows

    highlights procedural standards affect decision making i.e. not rooted in rational choice

    can lead to suboptimal outcomes
  3. Allison - GPM
    • Governmental Politics Model
    • emphasises the factors at level of individual
    • eg the impact of personality of a leader on how the decide in a given situation

    • thus Allison disaggregates the state (pluralism) 
    • There is no simple cause-effect relationsip in FP
  4. Another layer - Kegley
    and Raymond

    argue that sources of FP found in international, state and individual - thus rational model fails to account for complexities of decisions

    like Allison argue that treating the state as a unitary actors is a narrow perspective behind a specific decision

    treating state as unitary actor is easier but you miss vital eg character traits, which are not immediately obvious

    argue state is still important as a framework for action but they suggest to disaggregate the state to uncover factors down to individual level
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