Neuro Final 3

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  1. superior longitudinal fasculi
    • association fibers
    • superior to lateral fissure
  2. superior occiptofrontal fasculi
    • association fibers
    • superior and lateral to caudate nucleus
  3. inferior occiptofrontal fasculi
    • association fibers
    • lateral to inferior horn of lateral ventricle
  4. cingulum
    • association fibers
    • lateral to cingulum gyrus
  5. anterior comisure
    • commissural fibers
    • top of columns of hypothalamus
  6. posterior comisure
    • commissural fibers
    • posterior aspect of diencephalon in Epithalamus
  7. Portions of fornix
    • originates at mammillary bodies
    • has two columns come external, come together at interventricular foreman of munro forming the body
    • at the junction of the partial occipital lobe it breaks off into two columns called the cura as you work your way into the temporal lobe (fibria 1st 1/3, then avla)
  8. fissures
    deeper and longer than sulci
  9. gray matter in telencephalon is called
  10. boundaries of lateral ventricle anterior horn
    • roof: corpus coliseum
    • Floor: white matter
    • Medial wall: septum pellucidum
    • lateral wall: caudate nucleus
    • Anterior wall: white matter
  11. boundaries of lateral ventricle central horn
    • Central
    • Roof: corpus coliseum
    • Floor thalamus
    • Medial wall fornix
    • Lateral wall caudate nucleus
  12. boundaries of lateral ventricle posterior horn
    all white matter
  13. boundaries of lateral ventricle inferior horn
    • anterior wall: amygdala
    • roof: white
    • late: white
    • floor: white
    • medial: fornix
  14. 3rd ventricle
    • anterior: laminae terminales, optic chiasm, and anterior commissure
    • posterior: Epithalamus
    • lateral wall: 75% thalamus, 25% hypothalamus
    • roof: choroid plexus
    • floor: subthalamus, base hypothalamus
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