Neuro Final 7

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  1. basic elements of CNS
    • neurons
    • neuroglia
  2. neuroglia
    supportive cells of the CNS
  3. neurons
    • functional units of CNS
    • ---receive information
    • --- interpret information
    • --- send out a response
  4. axons
    longer, usually only one of them, efferent
  5. dendrites
    shorter, more of them, afferent
  6. telendendria
    contain neurotransmitters to allow neurotransmission to pass cleft or block it
  7. presynaptic vesicles
    hold transmitting agents that may be facilitory or inhibitory
  8. 3 types of neurons
    • unipolar
    • bipolar
    • multipolar
  9. unipolar
    • have only one cell process that divides into two parts
    • only exam where axon longer than dendrite
    • ex: dorsal root ganglia
  10. bipolar
    • two cell processes (central and distal) (axon and dendrite)
    • ex: vestibular, auditory, olfactory, retina ganglia
  11. multipolar
    • most common
    • one axon and many dendrites
    • type I and type II
  12. multipolar type I
    larger, longer, connect CNS to periphery
  13. multipolar type II
    smaller, shorter, allow for sharing of info within system itself
  14. Classifications of nerve fibers
    • A
    • B
    • C
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