Neuro Final 9

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  1. Closed circuit
    • Recurrent collaterals inhibit the output neuron
    • For single repetition
    • For motor learning?
  2. Open circuit/Oscillatory circuit
    • Collateral neuron permits a reverberating influence on parent neuron that allows for prolonged repetitive actions
    • Facilitory??
    • Has no known parameters
  3. Parallel circuits
    • Collaterals are not recurrent and go forward to the terminal neuron they are facilitory so that you have a series of impulse that go to terminal neuron, after final impulse gets there the activity stops
    • Used with known parameters
    • Ex: when taking a specific number of steps
  4. Extroceptors
    • Touch
    • Pressure
    • Pain
    • Temperature
  5. Touch specific receptors
    • Meissner corpuscles
    • --fast adapting
    • Merkel’s discs
    • --slow adapting
  6. Touch less specific receptors
    Free nerve endings
  7. Pressure specific receptors
    • Pacinian corpuscles
    • --fast adapting
    • Ruffini end organs
    • -- slow adapting
  8. Pressure less specific receptors
    Free nerve endings
  9. Pacinian corpuscles and Ruffini end organs are extroceptive when…
    located in deep connective tissue and fascia
  10. Pacinian corpuscles and Ruffini end organs are introceptic when…
    Located in or around a joint
  11. Pacinian corpuscles deal with _______ frequency vibration
  12. Meissners Corpuscles deal with _________ frequency vibration
  13. Ruffini end organs (pressure)
    • Located in epidermis
    • Respond to skin tension
  14. Free nerve endings (Pain/Temp) Specific
    • Sharp well localized sensation of pain or temperature
    • attached to A delta fibers
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