Neuro Final 10

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  1. Free nerve endings (Pain/Temp) Less Specific
    • Dull but intense diffuse sensation of pain
    • Attached to C fibers
  2. Less specific pain/temp
    • Diffuse feeling of pain/temp
    • Through C fibers
  3. Meissner Corpuscles
    Fast conducting
  4. Merkels disc
    Variable conducting
  5. Touch free nerve endings
    • Poor discrimination
    • Localization but keeps continuous contact with environment at low level
  6. Pacinian corpuscles
    Awareness of muscular tension and movement
  7. Conscious proprioception
    Deals with kinesthetic awareness
  8. Kinesthetic awareness
    Our ability to consciously perceive movements in terms of force, rate, direction and range including position sense
  9. Rate receptors
    • Golgi massoni
    • Ruffini end organs
  10. Golgi massoni
    Fast adapting
  11. Ruffini end organs (rate/direction)
    Slow adapting
  12. Direction receptors
    • Pacinian corpuscles
    • Ruffini end organs
  13. Pacinian corpuscles
    Fast adapting
  14. Range receptors
    • Pacinian corpuscles
    • Golgi type endings
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