Neuro Final 11

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  1. Golgi type endings
    slow adapting
  2. force, rate, direction and range are all _____________ (specific/less specific)
  3. force receptors
    • Pacinian corpuscles
    • Ruffini end organs
    • Golgi massoni
    • Golgi type endings
    • In deep CT of body
  4. Muscle spindle contains
    • Nuclear bag and multiple nuclear chain fibers
    • Parallel to the muscle in which they lie
    • Both the bag and the chain have a ventral equatorial region which is non-contractile and 2 non contractile polar regions containing intrafusal muscle fibers while contract and elongate appropriately with the muscle in which it lies
  5. Annulospinal endings
    • Around the central portion of the bag and the chain
    • attach to your 1A afferents (or A alpha?) which carry information back to the cerebellum
  6. The nuclear bag is both…
    phasic and tonic in nature
  7. Nuclear chain fibers respond to…
    • speed of contraction and length of change in the muscle
    • tonic receptors
    • ---respond to length change of skeletal muscle of which they lie
  8. flower spray endings
    wrap around polar regions of spindle and attach to type 2 or A beta
  9. gamma dynamic efferent nerve
    bag fiber: make sensitive to speed of contraction (1A)
  10. gamma static efferent nerve
    bag/chain fibers: sensitive to length of change of muscle (1A, 2)
  11. golgi tendon organ location
    • where tendon is attached to muscle
    • two types
    • -- low threshold
    • --high threshold
  12. high threshold tendon organ location
    • distal attachment
    • responds to muscle contracting
  13. low threshold tendon organ location
    • proximal attachment
    • responds to muscle tension and length
  14. vestibular receptors location
    labyrinths of the inner ear, next to cochlear

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