Neuro Final 12

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  1. 3 vestibular receptors
    • semicircular canal
    • utricle
    • saccule
    • maculae too?
  2. semicircular canal
    phasic receptors responding to movements of head and face
  3. utricle and saccule, maculae?
    • static receptors responding to force of gravity acting on the head and linear acceleration and deceleration
    • information sent to cerebellum for orientation of position in space
  4. number of pathways going to cortex
  5. number of pathways going to cerebellum
  6. Spinothalamic system (small/large fiber, myelinated/ non- myelinated, low/ high frequency, conscious/unconscious)
    • Small fiber
    • Non myelinated
    • Low frequency
    • conscious
  7. Lateral spinothalamic modality
    Specific, less specific pain and temperature
  8. Lateral spinothalamic receptor
    Free nerve endings
  9. Lateral spinothalamic pathway
    • Primary neuron: receptor --> DRG --> DH and synapses in laminae I-IV, substancia gelatinosa
    • Secondary: crosses to contralateral side in the ventral white commissure --> central portion lateral funiculus --> forms bundle and ascends as lateral spinothalamic tract through lateral luminesces and synapses in thalamus (VPL)
    • Tertiary: ascends through internal capsule to post central gyrus of cerebral cortex (Areas 1,2,3 then 5 and 7)
  10. Lateral spinothalamic tract damage left L3
    • Left LE
    • Less specific pain and temp
  11. Lateral spinothalamic damage T7
    • Left lower trunk, LE
    • Less specific pain and temp
  12. Lateral spinothalamic damage T1
    • Left trunk, LE
    • Less specific pain and temp
  13. Lateral spinothalamic damage C1
    • Left entire body
    • Specific/ less specific pain and temp
  14. Lateral spinothalamic damage VPL
    • Left entire body
    • Specific/ less specific pain and temp
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