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  1. abandon
    desert; leave without planning to come back; quit

    • When Roy abandoned his family, the police went looking for him.
    • The soldier could not abandon his friends who were hurt in  battle.
    • Because Rose was poor, she had to abandon her idea of going to college.
  2. keen
    sharp; eager; intense; sensitive

    • The butcher's keen knife cut through the meat.
    • My dog has a keen sense of smell.
    • Bill's keen mind pleased all his teachers.
  3. jealous
    afraid that the one you love might prefer someone else; wanting what someone else has

    • A detective was hired by the jealous widow to find the boyfriend who had abandoned* her.
    • Although my neighbor just bought a new car, I am not jealous of him.
    • Being jealous, Mona would not let her boyfriend dance with any of the cheerleaders.
  4. tact
    ability to say the right thing

    • My aunt never hurts anyone's feelings because she always uses tact.
    • By the use of tact, Janet was able to calm her jealous* husband.
    • Your friends will admire you if you use tact and thoughtfulness.
  5. oath
    A promise that something is true; a curse

    • The president will take the oath of office tomorrow.
    • In court, the witness took an oath that he would tell the whole truth.
    • When Terry discovered that he had been abandoned,* he let out an angry oath.
  6. vacant
    empty; not filled

    • Someone is  planning to build a house on that vacant lot.
    • I put my coat on that vacant seat.
    • When the landlord broke in, he found that apartment vacant.
  7. hardship
    something that is  hard to bear; difficulty

    • The fighter  had to  face  many hardships before he  became champion.
    • Abe Lincoln was able to overcome one hardship after another.
    • On account of hardship, Bert was let out of the army to take care of his sick mother.
  8. gallant
    brave; showing respect for women

    • The pilot swore a gallant oath* to save his buddy.
    • Many gallant knights entered the contest to win the princess.
    • Ed is so gallant that he always gives up his subway seat to a woman.
  9. data
    facts; information

    • The data about the bank robbery were given to the F.B.I.
    • After studying the data, we were able to finish our report.
    • Unless you are given all the data, you cannot do the math problem.
  10. unaccustomed
    not used to something

    • Coming from Alaska, Claude was unaccustomed to Florida's heat.
    • The king was unaccustomed to having people disobey him.
    • Unaccustomed as he was to exercise, Vic quickly became tired.
  11. bachelor
    a man who has not married

    • My brother took an oath* to remain a bachelor.
    • In the movie, the married man was mistaken for a bachelor.
    • Before the wedding, all his bachelor friends had a party.
  12. qualify
    become fit; show that you are able

    • I am trying to qualify for the job that is now vacant.*
    • Since Pauline can't carry a tune, she is sure that she will never qualify for the Girls' Chorus.
    • You have to be taller than 5'5" to qualify as a policeman in our town.
  13. corpse
    a dead body, usually of a person

    • When given all the data* on the corpse, the professor was able to solve the murder.
    • The corpse was laid to rest in the vacant* coffin.
    • An oath* of revenge was sworn over the corpse by his relatives.
  14. conceal

    • Tris could not conceal his love for Gloria.
    • Count Dracula concealed the corpse* in  his castle.
    • The money was so cleverly concealed that we were forced to abandon* our search for it.
  15. dismal
    dark and depressing

    • When the weather is so dismal, I sometimes stay in  bed all day.
    • I am unaccustomed* to this dismal climate.
    • As the dismal reports of the election came in, the senator's friends tactfully* made no mention of them.
  16. frigid
    very cold

    • It was a great hardship* for the men to live through the frigid winter at Valley Forge.
    • The jealous* bachelor* was treated in a frigid manner by his girlfriend.
    • Inside the butcher's freezer the temperature was frigid.
  17. inhabit
    live in

    • Eskimos inhabit the frigid* part of Alaska.
    • Because Sidney qualified,* he was allowed to inhabit the vacant* apartment.
    • Many crimes are committed each year against those who inhabit the slum area of our city. 6.
  18. numb
    without the power of feeling; deadened

    • My fingers quickly became numb in the frigid* room.
    • A numb feeling came over Mr. Massey as he read the telegram.
    • When the nurse stuck a pin in  my numb leg, I felt nothing.
  19. peril

    • The hunter was abandoned* by the natives when he described the peril that lay ahead of them.
    • There is great peril in trying to climb the mountain.
    • Our library is filled with stories of perilous adventures.
  20. recline
    lie down; stretch out; lean back

    • Richard likes to recline in front of the television set.
    • After reclining on her right arm for an hour, Maxine found that it had become numb.*
    • My dog's greatest pleasure is to recline by the warm fireplace.
  21. shriek

    • The maid shrieked when she discovered the corpse.*
    • With a loud shriek, Ronald fled from the room.
    • Facing the peril* of the waterfall, the boatman let out a terrible shriek
  22. sinister
    evil; wicked; dishonest; frightening

    • The sinister plot to cheat the widow was uncovered by the police.
    • When the bank guard spied the sinister-looking customer, he drew his gun.
    • I was frightened by the sinister shadow at the bottom of the stairs.
  23. tempt
    try to get someone to do something; test; invite

    • A banana split can tempt me to break my diet.
    • The sight of beautiful Louise tempted the bachelor* to change his mind about marriage.
    • Your offer of a job tempts me greatly.
  24. wager

    • I lost a small wager on the Super Bowl.
    • After winning the wager, Tex treated everyone to free drinks.
    • It is legal to make a wager in the state of Nevada.
  25. typical
    usual; of a kind

    • The sinister* character in the movie wore a typical costume, a dark shirt, loud tie, and tight jacket.
    • The horse ran its typical race, a slow start and a slower finish, and my uncle lost his wager.*
    • It was typical of the latecomer to conceal* the real cause of his lateness.
  26. minimum
    the least possible amount; the lowest amount

    • Studies show that adults need a minimum of six hours sleep.
    • The minimum charge for a telephone, even if no calls are made, is about $60 a month.
    • Congress has set a minimum wage for all workers.
  27. scarce
    hard to get; rare

    • Chairs that are older than one hundred years are scarce.
    • Because there is little moisture in the desert, trees are scarce.
    • How scarce are good cooks?
  28. annual
    once a year; something that appears yearly or lasts for a year

    • The annual convention of musicians takes place in  Hollywood.
    • The publishers of the encyclopedia put out a book each year called an annual.
    • Plants that live only one year are called annuals.
  29. persuade
    win over to do or believe; make willing

    • Can you persuade him to give up his bachelor* days and get married?
    • No one could persuade the captain to leave the sinking ship.
    • Beth's shriek* persuaded jesse that she was in  real danger.
  30. essential
    necessary; very important

    • The essential items in the cake are flour, sugar, and shortening.
    • It is essential that we follow the road map.
    • Several layers of thin clothing are essential to keeping warm in frigid* climates.
  31. blend
    mix together thoroughly; a mixture

    • The colors of the rainbow blend into one another.
    • A careful blend of fine products will result in delicious food.
    • When jose blends the potatoes together, they come out very smooth.
  32. visible
    able to be seen

    • The ship was barely visible through the dense fog.
    • Before the stars are visible, the sky has to become quite dark.
    • You need a powerful lens to make some germs visible.
  33. expensive
    costly; high-priced

    • Because diamonds are scarce* they are expensive.
    • Margarine is much less expensive than butter.
    • Shirley's expensive dress created a great deal of excitement at the party.
  34. talent
    natural ability

    • Medori's talent was noted when she was in first grade.
    • Feeling that he had the essential* talent, Carlos tried out for the school play.
    • Hard work can often make up for a lack of talent.
  35. devise
    think out; plan; invent

    • The burglars devised a scheme for entering the bank at night.
    • I would like to devise a method for keeping my toes from becoming numb* while I am ice skating.
    • If we could devise a plan for using the abandoned* building, we could save thousands of dollars.
  36. wholesale
    in large quantity; less than retail in  price

    • The wholesale price of milk is six cents a quart lower than retail.
    • Many people were angered by the wholesale slaughter of birds.
    • By buying my eggs wholesale I save fifteen dollars a year.
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